love-begins-hallmark-premiereOne of the most iconic made for TV movie franchises has come from Hallmark, and it´s been the “Love Comes Softly” series based upon the same name collection by Janette Oke. It tells tales of courage and character back during the pioneer era. This latest Hallmark Channel Original Movie is a prequel based on the same characters that showcases the early life of Clark Davis, the original lead character of “Love Comes Softly”. In this first of two prequels, called “Love Begins”, Wes Brown from True Blood stars as Davis, a young adventurer on his way to California to join the gold rush whose plans get waylaid after he and his partner get arrested following a cafe fight. His friend flies the coop, but Clark insists on keeping his vow to the Sheriff (Jere Burns) and Millie (Nancy McKeon), the cafe owner, to repay his debts by helping to fix up a farm owned by two sisters, Ellen (Julie Mond) and Cassie (Abigail Mavity). Cassie takes to Clark right away, but Ellen doesn’t much trust Clark. She´s already been deserted by one no-good fiance and doesn’t particularly care to be abandoned by another. But Clark turns out to be such a decent guy that, well, she just can´t help herself. So when lightning strikes (literally in this case) and Clark is badly injured, Ellen is right there to nurse hum back to health. Is it possible that love will bloom? We´re hoping so, and plan to go along for the ride when it does in Love Begins, a film for the entire family.

Not only Love Begins will premiere on Hallmark Channel, but the whole weekend of September 17 and 18 will feature a Love Comes Softly franchise marathon.

Love Comes Softly franchise movies on Hallmark – Saturday September 17 on Hallmark

Love Comes Softly 1PM
Love´s Enduring Promise 3PM
Love´s Long Journey 5PM
Love Takes Wing 7PM
Love Begins 9PM
Love Begins (Encore) 11PM

Love Comes Softly franchise movies on Hallmark – Sunday September 18 on Hallmark

Love Begins 1PM
Love´s Unending Legacy 3PM
Love´s Unfolding Dream 5PM
Love Finds a Home 7PM
Love Begins 9PM

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