reality-tv-starts-success-where-are-they-nowReality Television can mean fifteen minutes of fame and some easy money for a while, and then go back to the darkness and solitude of anonimity. But as my friends at Ultimate Coupons put it, these reality TV stars made the most out of their exposure, or as they say it: Squeezing the Most out of Reality TV Fame.

They’re not about to be washed up designers, no-name singers or forgotten bachelorettes. They’re writing books, helping charities and launching new businesses.

And they are three interesting stories from a Big Brother winner, a Shark Tank contestant and a Hammertime contestant too.

Dan Gheesling took home $500,000 from winning Big Brother Season 10 back in 2008, invested in low risk real estate and launched a coaching blog and go back to coaching high school football.

Bigg Marv, MC Hammer´s cousin, with his fame earned during Hammertime recently hosted a celebration for the troops with Ne-Yo and he’s also working on a sitcom called KINFOLKS. He’s active with the Boys and Girls Club and also loves supporting military families.

Kim Nelson, from Daisy Cakes received a 50K investment from Barbara Corcoran, but the exposure on the show made her upgrade from 2000 orders a year to 2000 orders in the following week after airing.

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Image Credit: TVSnark