We are already in March, how the time flies! but that also means Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn has a great week ahead already planned. And here´s all the scoop.

You can watch it on Hallmark Mondays at 11:30/10:30 C and Tuesdays through fridays a full hour 11/10 C.

Mad Hungry With Lucinda Scala Quinn Spoilers Monday, March 7

Simple Japanese Restaurant Menu

Prepare classic Japanese restaurant dishes in your own kitchen with Lucinda’s home-style renditions of authentic recipes. Edamame, a protein-packed soybean, makes a quick and irresistible appetizer that will tide everyone over until dinner’s ready. For the main, seared Arctic char glazed with a soy and sesame sauce is simple to prepare, and its warm, rich flavor pairs beautifully with a side of cold, salty-sweet spinach oshitashi.

Mad Hungry With Lucinda Scala Quinn Spoilers Tuesday, March 8

Greek Cuisine

Serve up a Mediterranean-inspired menu that highlights the fresh ingredients and exciting flavors of Greek cooking. A traditional main dish of broiled lamb chops is drizzled with a simple, bright mint, oregano, olive oil, and lemon sauce. On the side, white bean salad with Lucinda’s mom’s famous vinaigrette and crunchy herb pita crisps.

Classic Mediterranean Dishes

Savor the rich flavors of the Mediterranean for dinner tonight with Lucinda’s family-favorite recipes from the region:  classic roast leg of lamb, artichokes stuffed with Romano cheese and breadcrumbs, and a fresh and healthy tabbouleh salad. Plus, learn how to turn these leftovers into a quick weeknight meal.

Mad Hungry With Lucinda Scala Quinn Spoilers Wednesday, March 9

Eggs for Dinner

Scramble up a hearty meal with one main easy-to-cook ingredient: eggs. Lucinda’s open-faced dinner omelet, made of a dozen eggs and chock-full of Swiss chard, onions, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese, is guaranteed to fill up any mad hungry bunch. Then, toasted slices of bread rubbed with garlic and olive oil are a perfect nibble, and for dessert, a healthy spin on classic chocolate chip cookies.

Bacon Recipes
Bacon is love and Lucinda shows that you don’t have to be a guy to know it. Bacon and egg deli sandwiches, spaghetti carbonara, collard greens with bacon and a bistro salad starring poached eggs and bacon prove that bacon is a freezer staple, brings delicious flavor, and saves the day.

Mad Hungry With Lucinda Scala Quinn Spoilers Thursday, March 10

Rice Two Ways

Transform basic white rice into inspired spiced-up dishes with Lucinda and her sons Calder and Luca. Try tangy-sweet poached salmon and rice salad tossed with toasted pine nuts, golden raisins, and fresh mint for a flavorful, satisfying dish. For another twist, Thai-style fried rice with sliced pork loin and a kick of spicy green chili paste is a delicious way to use up leftover rice.

Pork Chops Menu
Bring your family to the table with mad good and easy-to-follow recipes. In the season premiere, Lucinda cooks up one of her family’s favorites: pork chops with apples and onions, sweet and spicy sweet potato wedges, and ginger snaps with pureed dates for a very happy ending.

Mad Hungry With Lucinda Scala Quinn Spoilers Friday, March 11

Salty-Sweet Meal

Indulge in a salty and sweet flavor combination with a menu that’s sure to please in every bite. A savory spice-rubbed braised pork loin is placed between layers of sweet pears, carrots, and parsnips for an elegant, mouthwatering dinner. Rounding out the meal, a simple cranberry-almond green salad brightened up with a tangy honey-mustard dressing.

Indian Vegetarian Dinner

Try the exciting flavors of Indian cuisine for an exotic and healthy change to your dinner routine. As part of a delicious vegetarian menu, a sweet-spiced chickpea dish packs some heat and, served with a cooling cucumber yogurt salad, will have your brood clamoring for extra helpings. Then, prepare a round of mango cardamom lassi — a refreshing yogurt-based drink that is a staple in India.

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