mad-love-pilot-quotes-spoilers-fireworksThe newest addition to the CBS sitcom Monday Lineup: Mad Love, a show that brings us Sarah Chalke, Judy Grier, Jason Biggs and Tyler Lavine together is something one needs to give it a try. and so far it´s worth it.

The show revolves around a quartet of single friends in New York City– two who are falling in love (Chalke and Biggs) and two who despise each other, at least initially (Grier and Lavine).

You can see that the chemistry is there, so probably good things can happen here.

In the Pilot episode, called Fireworks, When Ben Parr and Kate Swanson accidentally meet at the top of the Empire State Building, they make a date for later that evening and each bring along their best friends, Larry and Connie, who instantly despise each other.

In a way the show follow the same premise as How I Met Your Mother, in which one character tells the love story with a voice on off, but in this case, it´s Larry telling Ben and Kate´s story.

Similarities are there… but the show can find its own tune, and so far pilot called Fireworks ranks atop of this year new shows by a landslide in the sitcom arena.

Best Quotes from Mad Love S01E01 Pilot – Fireworks

Ben: I´m doing it. I´m ending it with Erin
Larry: Oh good. About time. Now how are you gonna do it? I find the least painful way is to sleep with her sister
Ben: Well, that would be the high road, but I think I will be telling her the truth

Larry: If fairy tails have taught us anything other than kissing girls who are asleep is ok…

Kate: Is this your phone?
Ben: Yes
Kate: And if I push the send does it go right to comissioner Gordon´s office?
Ben: Sorry, I´m nerdy enough to get that; but how cool would it be if it do that?
Kate: I think it would be the ultimately phone

Ben: Fireworks Larry. There were literally fireworks
Larry: I don´t get why we need to reenact it

Erin: Does Ben let you bring prostitutes to his apartment?

Connie: Oh God you are doing that thing where you pretend you are over ok

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