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Guillermo Paz probably the intelligent series draw less viewers, because maybe people want to relax instead of thinking. I don´t know. I liked Chaos a lot.
Karin Balduccio Why is it the 'intelligent' written shows always get cancelled... like Chaos. We like 'real' gritty detective series, like CSI and Mystery by the britts, but we also appreciated the lightheartedness of Castle and Chaos where the nerds get a chance to solve and case or bring down the brutish evil-doers. Dexter's OK, but not at dinnertime or bedtime!!!
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Casonia Sade Logenberry...Have a wonderful fantastic and outstanding day and always remember to call your parents and tell them you love them very much...Stay warm and well and take care each and every person on this Earth. People that are that strong should fight in the Army and Navy or become a policeman in the future but it is good to feel strong and get the anger out of your body and it takes a real special person out there who has what it takes to fight and that means that person has massive power and they are just pushy and aggressive and love the feeling of power to a large degree.
Casonia Sade Logenberry...Have a wonderful fantastic and outstanding day and always remember to call your parents and tell them you love them very much...Stay warm and well and take care each and every person on this Earth. Some people love to fight because it make me them feel better and it pushes away the tention and stress and frustrating ways they feel in life but it is healthy to do that fight from time to time to get that anger and hurt out of your mind and soul and body and...Release of tention is good and it helps you on many levels.
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Casonia sade logenberry Only time will tell and we will see how things go and what is going to work well for this show but it seems like this show is really looking up and only time will tell but every one loves storys about mothers.
The complete list of renewed shows for 2011 season [...] How I Met Your Mother renewed for two more seasons [...]
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Is Charlie Sheen going back to Two and a Half Men? [...] Sheen is the biggest star on Twitter (the biggest growth), and Sheen got fired from Two and a Half Men leaving cancellation/ renewal status on the [...]
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Casonia Sade Logenberry..Want to wish every one on this earth a Beautiful Day and good Health and Good Joy. The world of Peace and love and concern As long as everyone is having fun and moving and grooving to the show...It is massive okay...But the Boys are not pretty and...That is what attracts me toward a show..But I Want to wish this show some luck and most of all...Some American Pie?
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Casonia sade logenberry of seattle washington saying have a wonderful outstanding day before the summer goes away! Suck up the last of the sun and get ready for winter. Charlee Sheen was the man and every one got used to him and Ashton has some really big shoes to put on and only time will tell and all any one can do is give there best and push as hard as they can for a major laught and learn and at the same time take the lead of two and half men and make it work wonders and take it one day at a time and take it one show at a time and have some fun and be thankful for working and times are hard and we all have to find a laught and some laughter is truely amazing and outstanding at this time!
Ashton Kutcher on The Dan Patrick Show Interview [...] morning to talk about Two and a Half Men, calling it “the best job I’ve ever had.” The same Dan Patrick Show that Charlie Sheen has been on. He also confronted Dan about calling him “soft”, stating that the insult couldn’t [...]
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Betty Polt The talk was a must for me with Leah and Holly, Please cancel. How stupid is CBS, to fix something that isn't broke?
Susan I will no longer be watching the show without Leah Remini. She was constantly treated like crap on the show every time she tried to speak she would be cut off or Julie would make some smart a$$ comment about what she had said she was always putting her down like she was better. I think Sharon should just leave because she is the only one left with any class & she can do much better that this show. I always loved Sara Gilbert but unlike Leah she lets Julie cut her off & tell her what to do, I always though she was much tougher that this. So I will no longer be watching The Talk.