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Guillermo Paz onto The Big Bang Theory
The complete list of renewed shows for 2011 season [...] The Big Bang Theory renewed for three more seasons by CBS [...]
Chaim Paddaman The flagship Hollywood motion picture film studios have in the past produced many entertaining movies based on nerd and geek characters. I had no problem with that, in fact I support good comedy. However, my gripe with The Big Bang Theory(CBS) was "Paris Hilton" impersonator Kaley Cuoco's attitude and behaviour at the 2009 Comic Con. The stunt she pulled "Flirting with the fan" This was an attempt to give reassurance to her hardcore male fan base, that she had no interest in nerds or geeks. Kaley Cuoco cannot have her cake and eat it. It is obvious that she will feel more in her comfort zone working with the likes of Nick Carter, Al Santos or Russell Brand. I had been the shows biggest supporter up to that point. I was naive to have believed Bill Prady's press statements that the premise of Big Bang Theory (CBS) was to celebrate nerds and not to mock them. It became apparent to me, that Prady's statements were based on studio spin. It is common knowledge that when launching or promoting a brand, most public relation experts will advise you to be cautious not to contradict your brand, as you will leave yourself wide open to public scrutiny and ridicule. Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady the grand old dukes of spin. It will sooner or later become apparent to CBS, Warner Bros, and Chuck Lorre Productions that spin is only effective up to a certain point depending on who your target audiences are. Sophisticated audiences can smell a rotten egg from a far distance Chaim Paddaman
Guillermo Paz onto Drama
Aly So I have been watching this show since I was little. Obviously I'm a teenager. I decided that I would watch every single show from the beginning. I have seen every episode more than twice. I've become attached. I can't believe that they would just kill the show like that. Medium is a great show. They have a lot of crappy shows on television this year and probably next. They need to make "Me Without You" a dream within a dream. Inception. And start a new season. They really broke my heart. <\3
Casonia sade logenberry I never got into the show that much any way and lost the reason for watching after 2 or 3 times but good idea is just that the story line is too confusing and it seems weak to a large degree and kind of boring and lacked something in the story line...GoodBye and good luck with your future but for a story line to work the men have to be smoking hot and yummy for the taking and...Normal boring men was not doing it for me!
Guillermo Paz onto Psych, The Mentalist
RedLane Make this happen!
jason brees Psych is completely hilarious tv show. I simply loving it......
Guillermo Paz onto Uncategorized
Mark What was the name of the show that got cancelled in 2009 about a doomed space mission ? Had something to do with a previous mission to mars that went wrong. Many thanks
Carol H I am SO tired of REALITY shows!!the wrong shows are being cancelled.
Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
Cheri I absolutely love this show. I have it DVR'd so I can always count on a good laugh. Julia is so down to earth and so off the beaten path at the same time!! Don't cancel!!! We need a place to go and be able to laugh!!! Wanda Sykes is the gravy for the potatoes of the show!!!! Love it!!!!!!
Joseph It's a good show, but not the best. Some shows currently showing that might be better than "The New Adventures Old Christine" in its category, could nominee as "The Big Bang Theory" or "Two and A Half Men". Overall it's a good show, with a good plot and caracters, yet again I dont think it go the full 10 Seasons. Because it has no continous story line, this could very well result problems. But I agree, CBS has to be out of their mind to take out a show like this.
Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
Doug Weston Gary Unmarried is one of the best shows. I rate it up there with Tim Allens tool time. I couldn't wait to see it. The actors are great.I love this show!
Vic I was worried it had been canceled since the show hasn't been on in awhile. I think "Gary Unmarried" is one of the funniest sit-coms on TV today. Very happy to know it has been renewed! Now maybe I can rest easy at night. :)
Guillermo Paz onto Police Shows
Rosalie I only started watching Without A Trace, (about 3 months now), and I'm totally hooked on it....I thought it was still running but when I researched it this morning, found out it was canceled in 2009...that's too bad, it's such a good show, I wish they would reconsider starting it up again with the same cast members...they are all awesome, especially Eric Close...there are so many crappy shows on now and they seem to get worse and worse, catering to a pea brained audience...give us a break, would you please!!!!!
marie i love Without of Trace.. I wish it never got cancelled, i am upset to see it gone. I watch it everyday
Guillermo Paz onto Police Shows
Sharon This sucks another good show cancelled. I really enjoyed watching the Unit cause it gave us civilians a look into the life of an enlisted person's life. I am very dissappointed once again with tv programing.
military wife The Unit was a good show. Maybe it might not have been realistic, but even the reality shows are not realistic most of the time. The Unit was about more than just the soldiers, it was also about the wives/family, and some of the things we military wives deal with. Yes, some of those things were exaggerated, but more than that it revealed how we have to learn to handle things on our own a lot of the time. I am disappointed this show was cancelled, especially in a time when we have our men and women fighting. Showing the Unit being victorious was inspiring and uplifting....it would be patriotic and an expression of support for our troops (not support for the war) to bring the Unit back and continue to show our military force is a force to be reckoned with. Until then I guess I will just watch Army Wives and NBC station.
Guillermo Paz onto The Mentalist
Psychic in Suburbia premieres July 30 9 PM on The Style Network [...] always make for good television, right? Namely The Mentalist and Psych. Well, now, The Style Network is bringing one of the real deals with Psychic in Suburbia, [...]
Dave Love this show - best police investigation show with psychological twist on TV... Keep the episodes coming!