the-new-adventures-of-old-christine-renewed-cancelled-cbsWe were very optimistic already about the fate of Julia Louis Dreyfuss´s The New Adventures of Old Christine… and we weren´t wrong. CBS has picked The New Adventures of Old Christine for a fifth season and now it´s official.

We were speculating about The New Adventures of Old Christine being renewed, but now it´s official.

And alongside The New Adventures of Old Christine renewal, there goes Rules of Engagement, How I Met Your Mother renewed and Gary Unmarried all heading towards renewal.

The New Adventures of Old Christine is an Emmy Award winning comedy series starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a recently divorced single mother. The series debuted as a midseason replacement on March 13, 2006 on CBS and is currently broadcasting its fourth season, which debuted September 2008. Old Christine, as it is often more conveniently called, is a Warner Bros. Television production and was created by writer Kari Lizer, who is also the show’s executive producer.

What is The New Adventures of Old Christine About? – Plot

In the show, Louis-Dreyfus stars as Christine Campbell, a neurotic divorced mother and owner of a women’s gym who is in a constant struggle to keep pace with those around her. A frequent fixture in her life is her irresponsible ex-husband Richard (Clark Gregg) whose new girlfriend (Emily Rutherfurd) is also named Christine, hence the nickname “Old Christine” for the Louis-Dreyfus character. Christine lives with her son Richie and her brother Matthew (Hamish Linklater), while Wanda Sykes portrays Christine’s best friend and colleague Barb. Christine also struggles with her inferiority complex with the snobby “meanie moms” (Alex Kapp Horner and Tricia O’Kelley) at her son’s private school.

The show has featured recurring roles for a wide range of established actors including Blair Underwood, Dave Foley, Scott Bakula, Andy Richter and Jane Lynch.

Are you happy about The New Adventures of Old Christine being renewed?