according-to-jim-cancelled-by-abcWe are reviewing all the cancelled shows for this season. And it is official that According to Jim gets cancelled
Things hadn´t looked good for According to Jim for a while… and everything was pointing towards According to Jim being cancelled for good

And now, According to Jim is officially cancelled by ABC… I liked the show though…

According to Jim is an American situation comedy television series, starring actor and comedian Jim Belushi in the title role as a suburban father of five children. It originally ran on ABC from October 3, 2001 to June 2, 2009.

What is According to Jim About? – Plot

Jim is an abrasive but lovable suburban father. Much like his real life counterpart, Jim’s character is noted as a fan of blues music, as well as the Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, and the Chicago Blackhawks. Jim & Cheryl, also raise five children – Ruby, Gracie, Kyle, (and in later episodes) Jonathan and Gordon.
Jim often finds himself in messy situations and his laziness inclines him to search for alternative ways of doing things with less effort. While Andy might be his best friend, Dana frequently teams up with Cheryl against Jim.
Interestingly, the family’s surname has never been revealed throughout its 8 seasons.

When is According to Jim Series Finale going to air?

It is scheduled for June 2nd. Tivo it!

Are you upset about the According to Jim cancelled news?