pacquiao-mosley-fight-camp-showtime-cbsBoxing is a sport with much buzz, and when a big fight involves someone like Manny Pacquiao Phillippine best, and Sugar Shane Mosley, it is definitely one to watch.

Well, folks at CBS and Showtime are giving us more than that: They give us the chance to go behind the scenes to the Fight Camp and see how they are preparing for the fight.

The FIGHT CAMP 360°: Pacquiao vs. Mosley camera crews are embedded and filming in the Philippines with Manny Pacquiao and Big Bear, Calif. with “Sugar” Shane Mosley, capturing the most intimate training camp moments as both fighters prepare for their May 7 showdown on SHOWTIME PPV®.

Prior to joining both camps, the FIGHT CAMP 360° camera crews were allowed unfiltered access to the promotion’s coast-to-coast press tour and inside the Top Rank headquarters in Las Vegas.

The four-part series produced by SHOWTIME Sports, FIGHT CAMP 360° will present all the compelling moments from each man’s unique journey to the ring on May 7 – from the serenity of running the hills in Big Bear, to the fan hysteria enveloping the world’s No. 1 fighter in his homeland, to Pacquiao’s trip to Washington D.C. for a private meeting with President Barack Obama.

The series premieres on Saturday, April 2 on CBS (Noon ET/9 a.m. PT) before the Network’s coverage of the NCAA Men’s Final Four

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Photo Credit: Jason Bowers – Showtime