charlie-sheen-back-two-half-menEverything is Charlie Sheen these days.

We learned about a meeting between Charlie Sheen and Fox but nothing came out of that other than exploration.

Charlie Sheen launched a search for a community manager too, but the second stage of the process is due April.

Melissa Rivers said she´d like to produce Charlie Sheen´s reality show, and Mark Cuban also said something in that line of thought.

Charlie Sheen is the biggest star on Twitter (the biggest growth), and Sheen got fired from Two and a Half Men leaving cancellation/ renewal status on the bubble.

Well, then what´s new?

Folks at Radar Online say CBS wants Charlie Sheen back on its Two and a Half Men, and they want him back now; CBS President and CEO Les Moonves is guiding the get back Charlie Sheen ship, and he already spoke with some executives at Warner Bros.

Thing is that it´s going to be difficult to quiet the waters between Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre. And now it´s been known Charlie Harper dies on Two and a Half Men.

If that is done then it can be a good sign for the show to come back and to have Charlie Sheen still as Two and a Half Men frontman. After all, it´s not personal… it´s business.

What do you think? Should Two and a Half Men get Charlie Sheen back? Let me know your thoughts.

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