to-munsch-not-mad-love-spoilers-quotesChemistry is a big part on a sitcom success, and they have that covered. A good cast is another thing to have, and Mad Love has Judy Grier, Sarah Chalke, Jason Biggs and Tyler Labine, so that´s also taken care of. A good sitcom needs to make you laugh, and the show also does that; and for all that matter, a good sitcom has to deliver good one liners too.

Well, Mad Love has all that, so I´m jumping in the bandwagon.

Tonight, a new episode of Mad Love called To Munsch or not to Munsch aired, where Ben is determined to win Connie over by helping her at her nanny job, while Kate tries to change Larry’s ways after she learns that he breaks up with women by avoiding them until they leave him.

Best Quotes from Mad Love S01E05 To Munsch or not to Munsch

Larry: The hardest part of a new relationship is learning to trust

Larry: The hardest part about a relationship is hanging out with each other´s best friends

Ben: I think Connie just blew me off

Ben: See what I´m saying?

Larry: How could you let me call her?

Larry: When was your last date? Point Munsch

Larry: Oh I forgot, you like everyone

Connie: What are you doing?
Ben: Being funny
Connie: Are you sure?

Ben: But he was creepy, and you looked annoyed
Connie: That´s just my face!

Larry: You got Munsched didn´t you?

Kate: Hey, guy in urinal. Why are you still here?

Larry: Oh, you are Superman strong

Kate: Connie is scary on the phone
Ben: Connie is scary in person

Larry: I hope you are happy, I slept with Claire and it´s your fault
Ben: And welcome to friendship with Larry

Kate: Look at me! You don´t Schwarz this. I Schwarzed Schwarz, work drinks, that was me
Larry: No

Connie: Do you come here often?
Ben: Only after awkward fights

Connie: You yelled at me, I didn´t think you had it in you

Larry: I´m getting Munsched

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