mad-love-spoilers-quotes-spy-loved-meA nice sitcom with a great cast, still finding its niche. In a new episode of Mad Love Kate uses the building’s security cameras to spy on Ben when he’s forced to work late nights with his ex-girlfriend, and Larry tags along in hopes of using the cameras to track the movements of a mysterious woman.

Best Quotes from Mad Love S01E06 The Spy Who Loved Me

Kate: He is a doctor
Ben: A Human Doctor
Larry: I thought you said he was a chiropracter

Larry: You have got to tell Kate

Erin: It´s not awkward for me
Kate: It´s not awkward for mw
Larry: It´s getting a little awkward for me

Larry: The White Whale, Kate, is a beautiful woman who like the great Moby Dick eludes me and my harpoon.
Kate: Wasn´t gross until the end

Kate: Connie says the loveliest things abouot you
Dave: She does? Doesn´t sound like Connie

Connie: So glad he didn´t like you, or I would have had to break up with him

Connie: Oh my gosh, I like somebody, and I never like anybody

Connie: You are thinking of a scene from the porno version of The Firm, aren´t you?

Larry: What floor is it?
Security Guard: Do you see that number where it says 42?
Larry: Yes
Security Guard: It´s 42

Larry: You see that word I used: Corroborate… yeah I´m a lawyer.

Larry: Shaboom… that´s another lawyer term… less well known.

Larry: You sound like an emcee from a strip club

Larry: Don´t need luck, I have my harpoon

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