marie-osmond-hallmark-ralk-showOctober 1st is going to be an interesting day for folks at Hallmark Channel since they are not only launching a new daily show like Home & Family, but they are also bringing Marie Osmond to her noon slot as a talk show host when “Marie” premieres.

The debut of this new Hallmark Channel Original Series marks the long-overdue evolution of the iconic Marie Osmond to the daily talk show world.  To be sure, the woman has done pretty much everything else in her glorious and storied career: movie star, national variety show star, recording superstar, Broadway star, Las Vegas stage shows-stopper, and so much more.  But with “Marie,” she may finally be growing into a role that fits her better than any other.  Here, after all, is a woman who has not only known great fame but also great tragedy.  The talk show will afford Osmond an opportunity to share in the lives of others, both the famous and non-celebrities alike.  With the one-hour daily lunchtime show on Hallmark Channel, she will impart her insights on surviving all of life’s roadblocks and detours, along with heartfelt advice about how to deal with great adversity and move forward with dignity, humor and optimism.  Guests are expected to include both Osmond’s own family, to everyday people with extraordinary experiences, to her closest girlfriends, to leading experts in a diverse crop of fields.  Osmond has indeed proven something of an American barometer in demonstrating how to face life’s greatest challenges with unrelenting class, dignity, and courage.  She plans in ‘Marie” to borrow from her vast reserve of life experiences – including marriage and divorce, the trials of raising eight children, and her own battles with depression – to provide wisdom and optimism for viewers facing their own issues.  The one constant that we’ve seen in Osmond’s own life is her uncanny ability to pick herself up, dust herself off, and move forward no matter the obstacles placed in her path.  She’s pretty much the living embodiment of the phrase, “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”  This lady is as strong as they come, and at the same time immensely lovable.  We root for Marie Osmond because she doesn’t pretend to be perfect, and she’s used her struggles as an example of quiet strength.  So if you’re in the market for a new talk show that’s pretty much guaranteed to inspire, you know where to turn.

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