martha-bakes-martha-stewart-hallmark-showWe are following her on the Martha Stewart show, we followed her when she tried it with the Apprentice, but now, this January marks the highly anticipated launch of Martha Stewart’s first-ever baking series. “Martha Bakes”. It is sure to be the definitive resource for the actual or would-be baking expert. It is comprised of 13 episodes that fulfill Martha’s Stewart’s long-time dream of creating a valuable and visual teaching course that  features the best of the best in home baking. Based on her many years of experimenting, teaching and research, this Baking 101 destination delivers a thoughtfully edited collection of Martha’s personal favorites, from savories to sweets, and demystifies everything from how to make the perfect cheesecake without a crack to how to create the ultimate devil’s food cake.  What distinguishes the series is that each installment, covering themes from pound cake to pate brisee, will begin with a recipe’s basic foundation and will explore how the addition of certain ingredients or the use of a new technique will result in not one, but multiple dishes in each half-hour.

So, what about a new show with Martha Stewart, in this case doing something where she´s the undisputed number one: Baking!

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