martha-stewart-jim-cantiello-brendan-kennedyDid you watch today´s Martha Stewart Show?

Martha Stewart was surrounded by some of her favorite men on today’s edition of THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW (Hallmark Channel, 10 AM ET/9 AM C – same day encore airing, 2 PM ET/next day airing, 1 PM ET).  New York Yankees centerfielder, Curtis Granderson, took a cooking lesson from his “Good luck charm,” Martha Stewart, making some old fashioned side dishes, Mac & Cheese and Cornbread.  Always eager for tips on how to improve on the field and in the kitchen, Curtis paid close attention to the pro, almost as close as Martha pays to Curtis’ “Nice behind” from her front row seats at Yankee Stadium. Speaking of mastering technique, when MTV News correspondents, Jim Cantiello & Brendan Kennedy joined Martha to debut their second “Date Night” segment, Brendan was a tad too familiar will their selected task.  While making Beeswax candles, Martha told the guys, “The secret of a well-made candle is even rolling,” but before she could finish Brendan was already done, claiming “I’m quick.  I’m fast.  I’ve had some practice…I’m from Brooklyn, what?” Martha was impressed but doubted his precision, giving them some vital advice “Is yours the size of a quarter?  If it’s rolled too loosely, it’ll smoke faster.”

Martha Stewart´s Best Quotes of the Day

Martha as a good luck charm:
MS:  So Curtis and I met at opening day at Yankee stadium.  Remember I helped you lace your glove up?
CG:  You helped us get a victory too.
MS:  Yes, you won that day.
CW:  Good luck charm right here.

On Curtis’ behind:
MS:  I brought some pictures I took of you, because I sit in Jane Heller’s seats, your banker.  And she’s right there at home plate, front row.  And she had the net removed; you know she had the net removed from in front of her?
CG:  She wants to get those close shots like that.
MS:  That’s him.  There you are, number 14.  Nice behind.  I tweeted “nice backside” or something.  Oh boy, did I get in trouble for that.
CG:  Is that why you like those seats right there?
MS:   No, no.  I like to see the bat crack and those homeruns.

On Yankees not in the World Series:
CG:  Unfortunately, our season ended earlier than expected.
MS:  I know.  I was not happy about that.  And I did not watch any of the World Series because you and my favorite Yankees were not in the World Series.  I think that happens.  Don’t you think people kind of lose interest if their team isn’t in it?
CG:  Especially our team, because you either love us or you hate us.  Everyone either wants to see us get beat or they want to see us win.  So once we’re out everyone’s like, “Now what do we do?”

On Curtis’ batting lessons:
MS:  Now I read some place that you took special lessons to improve your batting.  What’s a special lesson for somebody like you?
CG:  Almost like a cooking class, you know?  When all of a sudden I start burning stuff, we got to figure something out.  We got to change some things up.  So what ended up happening, our hitting coach Kevin Long, we started having a couple lessons in the batting cages.  We changed a couple little tweaks…
MS:  It changed your average a lot.
CG:  It did, everything went up.  To help out in the playoffs, and it ended up helping us out a lot to win some games at the end of the season.
MS:  Don’t I sound so impressive, I know all about batting averages…?

On Derek Jeter getting married:
CG:  I didn’t get an invite, regardless [of whether or not he’s actually getting married].
MS:  Oh, no invite?
CG:  Not yet, so it may not be happening yet.
MS:  Well, it will be a sad day for all of us ladies.

On Martha’s crush:
Brendan Kennedy:  Last time we asked you if you’ve been dating.  Is there a secret love you can’t talk about yet?
MS:  I have a crush on somebody.
BK:  You have a crush on someone?
MS:  I’m going to California and hopefully he will be there.
JC:  What do you look for in a man?
MS:  Just…electricity.
BK:  Oh (laughs).  I feel like it just got electric right here.

Jim Cantiello and Brendan Kennedy on rolling candles(for Snoop Dogg):
MS:  Now, the secret of a well-made candle is even rolling.
JC:  What’s the last thing you’ve rolled, Martha?  Let’s be honest.
MS:  Pastries!
BK:  I thought we were on the wrong episode.
MS:  Oh, I see what you mean.
BK:  I thought this was for Snoop Dogg.
JC:  How big will this be at the end?
MS:  Well you’ll see.  It’ll be the size of a standard candle.  Oh, you did it already!
JC:  I’m quick.  I’m fast.  I’ve had some practice.
MS:  Gosh, he’s had a lot of practice rolling stuff.
JC:  I’m from Brooklyn, what?
MS:  Is yours the size of a quarter?  If it’s rolled too loosely, it’ll smoke faster.
JC:  (laughs) I’ve heard that, it’s true.  I’ve actually heard that.
BK:  Whatever person came up with this segment deserves a raise.  That’s all I’ve got to say.  This is amazing.

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