andy-garcia-martha-stewart-showDid you watch today´s Martha Stewart Show?

Things got a little “good and silly” when one of Hollywood’s leading actors, Andy Garcia, shook things up with Martha in the kitchen during today’s edition of The Martha Stewart Show (Hallmark Channel, 10 AM ET/9 AM C – same day encore airing, 2 PM ET/next day airing, 1 PM ET) for some cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.  However, they barely made it to the hors d’oeuvres as a result of Andy suggesting “Let’s have a drink!” so early in the segment. Martha, being a mover and a shaker (literally!) not only obliged, but added the vodka in prematurely. ‘Tis the season though, right?!

Martha Stewart and Andy Garcia´s Best Quotes of the Day

Martha Stewart:  Do you have a boat?
Andy Garcia:  I do have a boat.  Not on City Island.  No, I have what you call an Open Fisherman.  It’s a fishing boat.
MS:  So you go out fishing? Where?
AG:  Usually in the South Atlantic and in the Bahamas.
MS:  Oh, way down there.  Not in Montauk, where the waves are big.
AG:  No, not in Montauk.
MS:  I was going to say “bring me a fish.”  I keep asking everybody-
AG:  I did bring you a fish but that’s a whole other story.

MS:  Award season is coming up and I read that this movie is actually a potential for Oscar nominations.
AG:  That’s what they keep telling me.
MS:  Good, I hope so.  Not just for the movie, but for you as a lead actor too.  Good luck.
AG:  Let’s have a drink!
MS:  Yeah, let’s have a drink.

MS:  Hmm, I think we forgot to put the vodka in that one.  We messed up.
AG:  No, no, we’ll put the vodka in it later.  Don’t worry.
MS:  If we put the vodka in it now… (pours vodka)
AG:  We should taste it just in case, if it’s the right recipe (sips drink).
MS:  That’s what you’re supposed to have.  Better right?  You don’t have anything to do this afternoon, do you?
AG:  What are you saying to me, Martha?
MS:  You’re going to be napping.

MS:  Now we’re into, this is a different drink.  This is the Kumquat Sour.
AG:  Of course it is (laughs).
MS:  He’s going to get good and silly.  Uh-oh.

MS:  We’re back with Andy Garcia and we’re enjoying the cocktails we just made.  Do you think we’re going to be able to get through the pecan cheddar biscuit hors d’oeurves things?
AG:  And you are?

MS:  So you’re working on a new film?  You wrote something very interesting that I just read about, something with Hemmingway?
AG:  Yes, I did.  You read about that, huh?
MS:  I did, I did.  You wrote it?
AG:  I wrote it, I’m going to direct it and I’m still raising a little bit of the rest of the financing.  Got any loose cash on you?
MS:  Oh, maybe.  Your movies are all so good.  So it’s Hemmingway and…
AG:  And Fuentes it’s called.  He was the captain of his boat.

MS:  So did you always have a hoarse voice.
AG:  Uhh…
MS:  Like that kind of voice that you have that’s very Andy Garcia-like.
AG:  Yeah, I think so.  I think so.  You know, once I reached puberty I think it came.
MS:  Everybody likes that voice.
AG:  Really?  I wouldn’t know.

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