martha-stewart-show-andy-sambergDid you watch today´s Martha Stewart Show?

SNL funny man, Andy Samberg did his best to heat things up today’s special ‘Cold Show’ edition of THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW (Hallmark Channel, 10 AM ET/9 AM C – same day encore airing, 2 PM ET/next day airing, 1 PM ET).  Andy, sporting an full-body snow suit in electric pink joined Martha (who donned a gigantic parka) were greeted by an entire audience wearing a blanket of Nuddle’s, or as described by Martha and Andy as, “the snuggliest ghost town and wooly toga party.”  As the two snow bunnies began making their Baked Alaska dessert, Martha couldn’t take the heat and opted to forgo the parka.  Explaining why he wasn’t shedding any outer layers, Andy told Martha, “Even if I do get hot I can’t unzip this…because I’m naked under here.” Ironically, throughout the Cold Show, things just kept getting hotter, culminating with the ultimate icing accessory, the blowtorch.  Andy was so intrigued by the gadget he asked Martha, “Can I take that with me? This is …some A-Team stuff!”

Martha Stewart and Andy Samberg´s Best Quotes of the Day

Martha and Andy on his bright pink snow suit:
MS: So do you like this time of year when it is so freezing cold?
AS: Well I get to break out my nice outfits and stuff.
MS: I hate it. I mean… you look nice and svelte!
AS: It’s slimming right?
MS: Yeah, very. Where did you get the pink one?
AS: Umm, I got it out of your closet backstage.
MS:  Are you getting hot?
AS: No.
MS: Oh, I’m getting hot now in this jacket.
AS: Even if I do get hot I can’t unzip this because I’m naked under here.
MS: (laughs) You keep yours on!
AS: Alright.

Martha and Andy on his inappropriately titled skits:
MS: There are other things that I can’t say. I read that somebody said that I can’t say some of your most famous skits.
AS: Probably a few.
MS: Yeah. Something about a Richard in a box.
AS: Richard… yeah. It’s a tribute to Nixon.
MS: Oh yeah. Richard in a box, why can’t I say that out loud on TV?

Martha and Andy on Andy’s cooking history:
MS: Have you ever made a flourless chocolate cake before?
AS: Yes.
MS: You have? Do you bake?
AS: This is already the most cooking I’ve ever done.
MS: Oh. So you don’t cook at all?
AS: I got really into making breakfast when I was in college.
MS: Yeah? Like what kind of breakfast?
AS: Well I would take like a pop tart, I would put it in the toaster, and then I would just hit toast.

Martha and Andy on the blowtorch:
AS: This is like some A – Team stuff.
MS: This is great. You have to have one of these underneath your sink.
AS: Can I take that with me?
MS: Yea, yea why not. I’m giving away our entire kitchen to Andy Samberg, why not?

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