tommy-hilfiger-martha-stewart-recap-quotesDid you watch today´s Martha Stewart Show?

Tommy Hilfiger, American fashion designer, brought his exceptional sense of style to the snowy set of THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW on Hallmark Channel. On today’s episode, Tommy treated Martha and the audience to a seasonal fashion show featuring five Hilfiger looks for the Holidays.  When chatting about his latest book Iconic America, Tommy said that his All-American family line and campaign was inspired by someone near and dear to him, his wife, Dee Ocleppo, “She’s the inspiration.  The muse.”  Martha declared her love for the new line and wondered why she wasn’t asked to be in the commercial: “I want to be in one of those sometime! I’m the iconic American mother.  Even though I only have one child…But still, I’m a mother to millions.”

Martha Stewart and Tommy Hilfiger´s Best Quotes of the Day

On Martha being in Tommy’s ad campaign:
Martha Stewart: I want to be in one of those sometime!
Tommy Hilfiger:  We need you to set the table and make the menu.
MS: I’m the iconic American mother.
TH: You certainly are.
MS:  Even though I only have one child.  That’s alright.  But still, I’m a mother to millions.

On Tommy’s career and global brand:
MS:  What is People’s Place?
TH:  People’s Place was my first store in Elmira, New York.  I opened when I was eighteen years old.  I had $150.
MS:  So you’ve been an entrepreneurial designer since eighteen.  That’s incredible.
TH:  Thank you.  So I started in my hometown of Elmira, New York, and here I am today in New York with you.
MS:  Well this design that Tommy has created, how would you say you’ve evolved over the years?
TH:  Well we started out just doing preppy menswear for America, and now we’re really a global lifestyle brand.  We have everything: women, children, handbags, fragrance, home collection, everything.

On Tommy’s muse:
TH:  The boots are a big hit this year.  The boots are maybe the most popular item we have.  They’re named the Dee Boot after my wife Dee.
MS:  Is Dee helping you at all with the line?
TH:  Well she’s the inspiration.  The muse.
MS:  Well she looks like a muse.  She’s so beautiful.

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