men-at-work-tbs-pilot-quotes-spoilersA new show premiered on TBS called Men at Work, and it brings That 70´s Show Danny Masterson to a new sitcom called Men at Work. The show premiered with back to back episodes. In the pilot, Milo (Danny Masterson) must find comfort in his friends after starting his day with his girlfriend breaking up with him. With friends like Gibbs, Tyler and Neil, Milo is forced to skip the mourning period and jump right back into the game.
In Episode 2: Neal employs cost-cutting measures at work to impress his boss. Elsewhere, Milo ends up behind bars when investigating drug trafficking for an article; and Tyler happens upon an ex-flame.

Best Quotes from Men at Work Pilot and Episode 2

Lisa: It´s not you, it´s…
Milo: It´s Paul

Gibbs: Worst of all when you find yourself cyberstalking, checking in to see if she changed her Facebook status

Milo: Look at that, Rock bottom has a basement

Neal: Amy is looking for some dirty talk…
Milo: For bed?

Gibbs: Well, Alba… be damned

Neal: Me too, you little monkey shark

Milo: I can´t believe how many times you said the word “bang”

Neal: I´m gonna go to the bathroom, throw up and come back

Gibbs: Trust me, you don´t want to have sex with a horse

Tyler: What about her?
Milo: She´s cute, but that skin color is not found in nature
Tyler: Sure it is… it´s called whorange

Gibbs: I nailed his maid, don´t ever do it, because he gets mad

Milo: I have a sixth sense… I see classy people

Milo: Can I ask you something? Will you be my rebound ass?

Neal: I´m gonna rip off your head and poop in the corner!

Neal: And poop in the corner
Milo: I didn´t tell you anything like that
Neal: I came up with that
Milo: And did you?
Neal: What?
Milo: Poop in the corner
Neal: No!

Elizabeth: They know I can see them, right?
Milo: Yeah, they don´t care

Tyler: Now, you are cut and pasting what I just said

Neal: I´m sure you can leave without coffee and bagels
Gibbs: Bullshit Neal, Free coffee is the only reason why people get jobs!

Gibbs: Now I have to go to Starbucks, like I´m some kind of an animal… an animal

Neal: Mr Jordan, I don´t know how to thank you
Mr Jordan: That´s a weird skill to be lacking

Mr Jordan: Nice catch Jennifer

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