mindy-project-quotes-spoilers-pilotThe Office alum Mindy Kaling is bringing her new show to Fox this fall for the tuesdays lineup, paired with also newcomer Ben and Kate.
The Mindy Project, Created by Emmy-nominated writer/producer and New York Times best-selling author Mindy Kaling (“The Office”) and starring Kaling, Chris Messina (“Damages”), Anna Camp (“The Good Wife”) and newcomer Ed Weeks, the show features Kaling as a skilled OB/GYN navigating the tricky waters of both her personal and professional life, as she pursues her dreams of becoming the perfect woman, finding the perfect man and getting her perfect romantic comedy ending.

Best Quotes and moments from The Mindy Project Pilot

Mindy: In highschool, Tom Hanks was my first boyfriend

Tom: The Clumpses, party of two

Mindy: I´m basically Sandra Bullock

Mindy: God forbid you give away the ending of an episode of Downtown Abbey
Dan: What the hell is that show? Why is everybody talking about it?

Gwen: Don´t call my daughter boring

Mindy: I think he has a good heart. I think he is Hugh Grant in About a Boy

Mindy: I do this with men all the time

Mindy: I need more patients that are like these guys
Betsy: More white patients, done.
Mindy: No, don´t write it!

Danny: You know what you should do… lose fifteen pounds
Mindy: Do you want to be smacked?

Dan: You look nice
Mindy: Go to hell

Mindy: I´m a vegetarian mostly… for moral reasons. I mean I eat eggs, and fish and burguers, but never a steak

Mindy: Never speak for Meg Ryan again
Dan: I won´t

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