peter-shankman-interview-blog-world-expo-2012I will be attending this year BlogWorld Expo in NYC, and even though it´s not specifically about TV Shows and Series, there will be a lot on WebSeries, and there will be a lot of interesting stuff to share in terms of 2.0, blogging, podcasting and a big etcetera.

And I will be covering. I´m starting with sharing some of the interviews with different industry leaders.

In this case an interview with founder of Help a Reporter Out, Peter Shankman, who created a social network before the boom of social networks, and a social app before the social apps madness.

Video Interview of Peter Shankman on Blog World Expo 2012 NYC

His biggest social media tip is: “Listen three times as much as you talk, and shut the hell up every once in a while”.

“Remember that an audience is a privilege not a right. If you are going to write, write for your audience, not to just hear you talk. That´s called a diary, a blog is for public use”.

“You are your brand. Make your profile good”.

“I´ve never met a CEO who thinks that cool trumps revenue. So you are gonna want to produce something that produces revenue”.

The interview is only a minute and a half long, and it has so many great quotes to take from it.

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