jeremy michael sarver american idol top 12Last night, American Idol first gala was on, and tonight, Michael Sarver got his pass to the top twelve of American Idol.

He had to match up against Anoop Desai, one of my personal favourites, and probably a wildcard receiver.

Michael Sarver did his encore and now we have the blue collar worker Michael Sarver on American Idol top 12. Probably deserved, but I was rooting for Anoop Dog.

You can go to Michael Sarver Facebook fan page and congratulate him since now Michael Sarver is one of American Idol top 12 of season 8.

Way to go Michael. Good for you.

Are you happy that Michael Sarver got to American Idol top 12? or would you rather have anyone else?

So, Michael Sarver jpins Danny Gokey and Alexis Grace at American Idol top 12.

It was a good first gala. Don´t you agree?