mike.molly-spoilers-quotes-peggy-shaves-her-legsBack to originals day, a new episode of Mike & Molly when Peggy and Molly have lunch together, Mike worries that his mom is telling Molly unflattering stories about his childhood.

Best Quotes from Mike & Molly S01E19 Peggy Shaves Her Legs

Peggy: Call me Peggy
Molly: Why?
Peggy: Because that´s my name

Molly: They don´t allow dogs in the school
Peggy: Just guns and drugs, huh?

Molly: I´m pretty sure I´m getting whacked

Carl: Just making conversations with the stupidest man in the planet

Carl: Molly might not find it as romantic as you and I do

Carl: That´s genius
Mike: That´s what I thought
Carl: Seriously

Peggy: I just need a womanly advice
Molly: A womanly advice?
Peggy: Don´t worry it´s not about my plumbing

Mike: I don´t know what my mother told you, but I´m not the reason the school nurse transferred out. The janitor knocked her up

Molly: What´s the deal with the school nurse?
Mike: Nothing, I tricked into touching my genitals

Victoria: I got yelled at work today
Joyce: Who yelled at you? You put make up on corpses

Joyce: I want to look peaceful, but doable

Peggy: If I get too femenine I start looking like a transexual

Samuel: Viagra, it puts peaks where it used to be valleys

Molly: Three years? Did you ever get lonely?
Joyce: Lonely? no. Horny? Yes. There´s a reason you girls only ate banana bread.
I love working with bananas

Peggy: For the record, I´m not one of the people you have to open up to

Joyce: My modo has always been: “Dinner´s on you, the rest of the night´s on me”

Peggy: This isn´t me
Victoria: No, it´s a reflection of you

Carl: Great, your mom´s still a virgin, can we go now?

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