pretty-little-liars-pll-season-finale-ezra-leavingThe Season Finale of Pretty Little Liars is here! And it has a big step for the second season of the show renewed by ABC Family.

In tonight´s season finale of PLL, Now that Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are in possession of the information that Alison left them, the girls decide that it’s time to finally put an end to “A” and the mystery surrounding their friend. But without certain proof that their hunch is right, how can the girls catch “A” in his/her own game? And with little more than a video and hazy memories of the night that Alison disappeared, the Liars may have to turn to an unlikely source of information to help them put a stop to “A” once and for all – or so they think.

Best Quotes from Pretty Little Liars Season Finale – For Whom the Bell Tolls

Hannah: Do you think someone was watching us and getting off

Ella: Thanks for the coffee. You still make the best coffee in town

Hannah: I´m spending the rest of my life in bed

Hannah: He took the bus to bastardville
Ashley: He won´t be alone there

Ezra: I just gave away my resignation

Ezra: I´m not going to be your teacher anymore

Aria: I´ll show you my room

Hannah: You are not gonna be mad at me forever, are you?
Lucas: Probably

Jenna: What do you want from me?
Hannah: The truth. Can you handle it?

Jenna: Where did you get that?
Alison: The guy I like, likes to make videos

Alison: Darling Jenna isn´t the victim; Freak Toby is

Alison: Jenna, if you ever come back to Rosewood, I´ll bury you

Spencer: We´ll make sure the video stays in a safe place

Jenna: We all make mistakes. Remember I´m still paying for yours

Mona: Caleb, I´m glad you called

Mona: What´s that look about Hermy? Did you get your period?

Mona: They found the video, and they´ve seen it
Ian: Don´t worry. I´m taking care of it, and I´ll be there soon

Spencer: I like having you here
Toby: Cause it makes a statement to your family?
Spencer: No, I like having you here
Toby: I like being here

Jenna: If this video gets out we will lose everything

Jackie: Hi, I´m Jackie Molina. Is this the Montgomery House?

Spencer: I have never had a safe place to land… but now I feel like I do. So I want you to stay safe
Toby: I´ll be there if you need me to
Spencer: I love knowing that

Caleb: Why are you doing this?
Lucas: Because Hannah deserves to be happy

Spencer: She´s stable, but they are monitoring the baby

Spencer: The car came out of nowhere

Aria: Buckle up bitches. Nothing is as it seems. A

Emily: Does A know we are here?
Hannah: A knows everything

Aria: It´s not Ian

Spencer: There´s been an accident
Ian: Yeah, I know, I´ve got all the messages

Ian: What are you doing here?

Spencer: No, I didn´t. Someone else did

Spencer: Ian killed Alison and he tried to kill me

A: “It’s not over until I say it is. Sleep tight. While you still can, bitches.”

Recap from Pretty Little Liars Season Finale – For Whom the Bell Tolls

Recap by Mike Saros for IMDB

Open with the girls watching the video they found last episode. It shifts to Toby and Jenna hooking up and the four of them realize someone has been spying on them for years. They assume it must have been Ian. The plan is to find out what Jenna knows.

Aria overhears Byron ask Ella to a faculty social he’s hosting. Ella’s not sure and as she tries to explain the complexities to Aria, her daughter begins getting texts from Ezra about the police coming to his apartment.

Ashley tries to convince Hanna to cheer up. She asks about Caleb’s letter and Hanna says she never got it.

Spencer makes a crack about Melissa’s baby not being human. Both her sister and mother are upset.

Pam tells Emily her dad will be on assignment in Texas for longer than he thought and he wants them to stay with them for a year. She responds that she’s finally starting to belong, but Pam doesn’t seem sympathetic.

After making a joke about having to resign (he did it because he got another job) Ezra tells Aria the officer (Garrett) was just asking standard question. This means he will no longer be her teacher.

Hanna mentions Caleb’s letter to Mona. She basically says it wouldn’t matter either way, but looks guilty when Hanna says she feels stupid for thinking Caleb actually loved her. Hanna spots Lucas, who is still mad at her.

All four girls follow Jenna into a room at school. Spencer tells her about the video and they say they want the truth. She tells them the day before Alison went missing she came to see Jenna in the hospital and played her the video. Alison says “The guy I like likes to make movies.” Alison says as long as Jenna “keeps our secret” the video will stay hidden. Alison said she was on her way back from Georgia.

After Jenna leaves they decide the video was Alison’s insurance policy. They surmise the reason Jenna showed up at the funeral was because “she could.”

The girls buy a pre-paid cell phone in order to contact Ian. The plan is to tell them they want money in exchange for the video, with plans to video tape him when he tries to make the buy. They send him a text “I have Ali’s video” and watch as he looks at his phone and leaves the room. This proves to all of them that he is guilty. Ian responds wanting to know what they want. Hanna grabs the phone and texts “Bring $10,000 to Willow Park. 9pm. Come alone.”

Mona shows up and the girls leave, with Hanna leaving her cell phone behind. Caleb calls and she picks it up. Mona lies to Caleb, telling him she gave Hanna the letter and Hanna threw it away. Luke overhears this and realizes Mona is lying. She tells him if he forgets about the letter she’ll help transform him.

Jenna answers a phone call from Ian. She tells him “They’ve got the video and they’ve seen it.” He tells her not to worry, that he’ll take care of it.

An off-duty Garrett tells Emily he knows she wouldn’t have done anything to hurt Alison. He gives her his cell in case she needs anything. Hanna is waiting for Emily on her porch. She gives Hanna her phone. Emily is not thrilled about moving to Texas.

Spencer and Toby are studying together. He brings her over to the window, opens it, and the two of them sit together on a chair.

We see Jenna telling someone “If this gets out we’ll lose everything.” But (gasp!) the man is Garrett. He tells her not to worry and they start kissing.

Ezra’s ex shows up at the faculty mixer Aria’s parents are hosting. She says she works at the school where Ezra was just hired and Aria starts to panic.

Melissa sends Spencer a text that Ian didn’t pick her up and she needs a ride. She leaves Toby and we learn that Toby is planning to tail Jenna that night at the same time as the meeting with Ian. They kiss.

Ezra finds Aria upstairs. He says she’s not a part of his life anymore but Aria is upset that he didn’t tell her the whole story: “Until today you were the guy who would never lie to me.”

As tears stream down her face, Hanna deletes Caleb’s contact info from her cell phone.

Cut to Caleb riding in a car with Lucas, who is clearly brining him to Hanna. When Caleb asks why he’s doing this Lucas responds “Because Hanna deserves to be happy.”

Mellissa tells Spencer she’s sure something is wrong. She left her phone back at the church. As they contemplate going back to get it they get in an accident.

Veronica meets Spencer at the hospital. Spencer is fine and Melissa is stable, but the doctors are trying to see if anything is wrong with the baby.

While Hanna, Emily and Aria wait for Spencer, they get a text from A: “Buckle up, Bitches. Nothing is as it seems.” A car pulls up.

Spencer and Veronica can’t get in touch with Ian. Spencer leaves to get Melissa’s phone in case. A cop gives Spencer her purse and she sees the texts from her friends. Spencer calls Aria and fills them in. They tell her to stay with Melissa.

The car pulls up and Emily says “Thanks for coming.” Unfortunately we see that it’s Garrett: “Trust me,” he says. “I’m glad you called.”

After Garrett checks the area he asks if anyone knows they’re there. Hanna says she left a note for her mother. Garrett points out there is only one way to reach their location and tells them “If Ian shows, we’ll see him coming.”

Spencer arrives at the church to look for the phone.

Hanna tells the other girls she lied about tell her mother anything. They notice that Garrett has a gun. A car pulls up and someone gets out with a bag. Garrett walks up from behind and points his gun at the man, telling him to put his hands in the air. But we see that it is not Ian.

Spencer searches the empty church for the phone. She gets up and Ian is right behind her: “Lose something?”

The man, Logan Reed, tells Garrett he was paid to drop off the bag. Aria leaves Spencer a message that they are no their way to the hospital.

Ian calls the pre-paid phone and it rings in Spencer’s purse. Ian says he has been waiting for her to leave the hospital. Ian says he’s going to take care of the situation. Spencer pulls out the flash drive, throwing it in one direction as she runs in another. She climbs to the bell tower, calling Emily along the way. Ian catches her.

Emily picks up the phone and they hear her conversation with Ian. She mentions the church and Hanna calls 911. Ian’s plan is to push her over the edge and make it look like a suicide. Just as she is about to go over the edge she grabs to his clothing. A shadowy figure arrives and Ian says “What are you doing here?” The person tosses Ian over the edge and the bell begins to ring.

The other girls arrive at the church and rush to the top of the tower. They find a shell-shocked Spencer and Ian, who has been hung by the bell rope. Spencer tells them someone else took care of Ian, but she didn’t see who it was. She starts to cry and they hug her, saying “it’s over.”

When the police arrive they do not find Ian’s body. The rest of the parents arrive on the scene. It’s clear that the neighbors at the scene aren’t sure what to think about these girls. At this moment they get yet another text from A: “It’s not over until I say it is. Sleep tight. While you still can, bitches.”

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