Mistakes made by new watch collectorsThere has been a pattern observed that is being carried out by new watch collectors which are generally considered as mistakes. Before getting on the band vegan of watch collectors you need to mark the mistakes your predecessors made and learn from them.

We understand that buying a watch can be a total minefield. With so many options in the showcase waiting to be picked it can be very daunting to choose the right straps, the dial, the fit, the functionality, the manufacturing and what not. So in order to avoid that madding confusion we have compiled a list of commonly made mistakes by the watch collectors to save you from making blunders anymore. Have a look!


It has to be very silly of you if you think of hoarding various watches in just a short span of time form maintaining your credibility to be called a “watch girl/guy”. To be honest it does not happen overnight. It takes people years and years of striving to become one.

If you just wish to fill up a box of watches which you do not even care about, that can be achieved easily. But if you want to own exquisite, dainty and classic pieces, you must have to wait and research before buying each and every piece. Contemplate and think if it is worth buying. Then only that collection is worthy otherwise just filling a box is no big deal.


A collection of exquisite pieces builds up gradually. You might make a mistake of buying an expensive watch which does not even suit your lifestyle or fits you well. So, it is advisable that you start from low to mid range luxury watches so that you can have an idea which is the most suitable in terms of fittings and functionality.


This has come across as the most common mistake being owned by watch collectors, the disease of being judgmental is found in both the new and old collectors. Just keep in mind that it is not necessary to possess a high end expensive watch to be called a collector. There are various brands and categories available at IWC, you can step by step move upwards to the more expensive ones.


Believing that the price tag determines the quality of a watch is the lamest concept one can consider. So do not let an expensive watch trick you into assuming that it is better than a less expensive watch. It is a very wise strategy adopted by the brands to sell their merchandise at higher rates to create an illusion of being a luxury brand, although the quality may not even be equivalent to a lower priced watch.


Over the past 50 years the trends of watches have evolved to multiple trends. From chunky to sleek to colorful to neutrals and none of them stayed forever. Impulse buying may be suitable and favorable for the time being but may not be very exquisite after a while.