Must-Have Travel Fashion Essentials for 2019

As the summer season is ready to hit back with a bang, most people have already started to plan their holidays. Holiday planning is one of the most exciting phases because you cannot just wait for that much-needed break from your hectic routine. However, it is very important to travel smart and travel in style so that you do not only look appealing but you also feel relaxed and can make the most of your trip.


Luggage is an important part of your travel expeditions whether you are going for work or leisure. Interestingly, luggage has somehow made its place as a lifestyle accessory in the recent past. That means that if you are a true fashionista, you need to make sure you are carrying the right kind of luggage. The right luggage means the right size that enables you to carry it and walk with comfort. Of course, your luggage will be pretty much determined by the purpose of your travel, your family size and the length of your vacation. Generally, families with kids do need extra luggage space, which is understandable. Yet it is recommended to go as light as possible and invest in a piece of four-wheel trolley luggage. Walking straight with your four-wheel trolley behind you does not only look very stylish and gives you a lot of conveniences, but will also save you from extra cargo fares and a lot of hassle.



If you are going on a short getaway, it is recommended that you ditch trolleys entirely and stick only to backpacks. Backpacks have been the biggest fashion trend on the runways last year and the trend is here to stay. Moreover, many places such as mountainous terrains and camping sites are not very trolley friendly so backpacks are the best way to go. Even if you are going on a long holiday with larger suitcases, you should still take your backpack along. You would not want to carry your suitcase everywhere and a backpack will give you a convenient alternative. Leave your suitcase in the hotel and carry your backpack on your expeditions. The extra storage space that backpacks offer is always a big plus. Make sure you get a backpack that offers good back support so that it is easy to carry.



You cannot take your whole accessory box along your trip but whatever you take along, make sure you do not miss out on the wristwatch. It is by far the most important fashion accessory if you want to sport some real swag for your install stories. Do not go for those vintage bracelet watches. Go for something fun and youthful such as a Tag Heuer F1 watch.


Toiletries and Grooming Kits

Although the most hotel provides these supplies complementary, it is still recommended that you carry your own since everything works differently on every skin. It is recommended that you take deluxe or travel sized toiletries if you are going with cabin baggage only. If you want to take full-sized products, pack them in your checked-in baggage if flying.