Howie Mandel´s Mobbed number three premiering January 4 9/8C on Fox is about Steve, a guy who met a girl online and wants to move to LA to get to know her and start a relationship, he has yet to meet her in person.

Steve sings I want you to want me by Cheap Trick on the first spoiler video when Howie meets him and start planning the flashmob. (I have five spoilery teaser videos from Mobbed #3)

Second video is about the rehearsal of a fake speed dating night, in which things won´t go smooth. Tabatha and Napoleon are teaching the choreography, and the mobbers are trying to get it fast. So far, they are working with actors, and not yet the crowd. BTW, the girl is terrified of elevators, and they need her to go on one.

Third video of Mobbed number three is all about the rehearsals and how they will try to recreate some scene about Big Fish, because that´s their favourite film.

Fourth video of Mobbed number three is showing some parts of her going out of the elevator and being greeted by the mob.

And the fifth video of Mobbed number three here is the resolution, where Steve and his dream girl meet and Steve asks her if she wants to pursue a relationship, and him moving from Pittsburgh to LA.

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