modern-family-fulgencio-quotesIn the first episode after Jay and Gloria´s baby is born, Gloria’s mom, Pilar, and sister Sonia have made the voyage from Colombia, and they come bearing traditions, baby names and a whole lot of family baggage. Meanwhile, no one seems to have confidence that Phil will be able to help with the kids’ problems, but there just might be a method to his madness. And Lily has picked up some bad habits, so Mitchell and Cameron try their hardest to mind their Ps and Qs to set a good example for her. And I have the best quotes and moments from Modern Family´s Fulgencio episode.

Modern Family Best Quotes from S04E13 – Fulgencio

Jay: As great as it is bringing a baby home from the hospital, there´s one sound you absolutely dread waking up to: Relatives.

Jay: Fulgencio Umberto, that makes the initial F.U. Pritchett; which is the way I´m feeling right now.

Phil: Is there a dresscode for godparents?
Claire: You are not wearing a Fedora, Phil

Mitchell: I wish Lily was here so she can hear me not commenting about this

Phil Dupnhy: I know you guys like to got to mom because she is Mr Tough Guy Problem Solver.
Alex: She gets results.

Jay Pritchett: What´s one more son in a dress?

Phil Dunphy: My kids didn´t understand the concept of “Killing with Kindness” because they´ve never seen it. So, I decided to prove it to them by going on a Hugicidal Rampage.

Jay: Son of a bitch, I´m Phil

Jay: We are in the House of God, Damned!

Jay: This one (about Manny) likes girls, can´t get them, but he likes them

Phil: Don´t ever ask me about my business

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