modern-family-memory-bookOk, so you all already know Phil Dunphy is one of the funniest characters on TV, and the great ensemble cast that is Modern Family as a whole. Well, now it´s time to see what else they can bring us to have us checking in between episodes: The Modern Family Memory Book!

What is this Modern Family Memory Book bringing  us? The chance to watch extended scenes of Modern Family only on For the full family experience, visit the Modern Family Memory Book which features never before seen videos, photos and scrapbook type content for fans to get a glimpse of life with the families outside of what is seen on-air.

With every new epsiode, there will be 2 – 3 exclusive photos from the set, 1 – 2 scrapbook images and a sub section to feature theme based “family” moments that are pulled from last season.

You can even upload your own photo of you and your family to be added to an opening sequence photo.

If you want to check out Modern Family´s Memory Book, visit it at in this link.

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