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Nate Berkus Show Guest and Spoilers for Monday – February 28, 2011

“Nate to Go With Dr Ruth”: Nate’s Shocking Makeover With Dr. Ruth.  Plus, How To Take Your Jewelry From Broken To Bling!

In “Nate to Go,” Nate follows up on an offer he couldn’t refuse from Dr. Ruth, to help the sex therapist makeover her home of 50 years.  You will be shocked by this astonishing transformation.  Then, Nate is out to prove that the old jewelry hidden at the bottom of your jewelry box is worth more than you think.  Along with appraiser Elyse Luray and jewelry expert Amy Certilman, Nate shows you how to revamp some of your most meaningful pieces of jewelry and increase their value.  And, actress Angie Harmon stops by to share her fun and healthy meals you’re kids will love!  Plus, Nate reveals three items you can buy now and cash in on later.

Nate Berkus Show Guest and Spoilers for Tuesday – March 1, 2011

“No Money makeovers”: Change Up Your Home Design Without Spending A Dime!

Nate reveals how you can completely makeover your home without spending any money!  By simply reinventing everyday items already in your home, you can create beautiful designs.  In Nate’s “Big Day Off,” a hard-working mom gets the day off when Nate comes to take over for her at Lowes.  Don’t miss Nate ringing up customers, cutting keys and solving design dilemmas.  Then, some much needed design therapy for an office and a play area.  Plus, Dancing With The Star’s Cheryl Burke chats about her new book and what inspired her to dance.

Nate Berkus Show Guest and Spoilers for Wednesday – March 2, 2011

“Design Wars”: Nate Teams Up With Real-Estate Expert Barbara Corcoran To Help Couples Settle Their Design Feuds
Nate and real-estate expert Barbara Corcoran team up to tackle your biggest decorating disputes.  They conquer everything from what type of furniture to buy to how to design a room that pleases everyone in the house.  Then, Barbara lends her advice to a woman desperate to sell her house, and Nate’s reveals three steps to a complete design facelift – for any room.  Plus, Nate and party planning guru Kelley Moore have a fresh approach for Girls Night Out!

Nate Berkus Show Guest and Spoilers for Thursday – March 3, 2011

“99 Cent Blowout Partues”: Party Planner To The Stars Mindy Weiss Gives Her Tips For The Perfect Bash.  Plus, Gayle King!
Nate reveals the secret weapon behind million dollar parties and it’s all about shopping at your local 99 cent store!  Party planner to the stars, Mindy Weiss, takes you inside the world of 99 cent stores, sharing her picks to throwing a blow-out party on a budget.  Plus, how you throw a party by shopping your home – you won’t believe what you’ll find.  Then, Gayle King opens the doors to her bold and beautiful home and gets some design advice from Nate.  Plus, Gayle answers audience members’ burning questions and in “Nate’s Finds,” Nate talks with a 13-year-old girl who has made it her mission to raise awareness and funds for people with heart defects.

Nate Berkus Show Guest and Spoilers for Friday – March 4, 2011

“Denim by Design”:  Get Out Of Your Old, Saggy Jeans And Into The Right Pair! The Three Ultimate Sizing Secrets For The Perfect Fit
Today’s episode is all about the color blue and Nate starts off by tackling the topic of fat jeans!  Daily Candy editor at large Danielle Kyrillos stops by to reveal the three ultimate sizing secrets for the perfect fit – you can finally get rid of those fat jeans once and for all.  Then, from the bathroom to the living room, Nate solves your biggest decorating challenges – all with a blue theme!  Plus, three ways to cure the daily blues, including Laughing Yoga – you don’t miss want to miss Nate trying out this activity!

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