We are doing a coverage on the new and inventive Current TV show Bar Karma.

We told you all about the Be a TV Programmer – Current TV Bar Karma contest and the Bar Karma music studio launched by Current TV.

We also reviewed the series premiere of Bar Karma and the spoilers for the second episode, we told you Sonja Sohn was guest star on episode 3 too.

Now it´s time to check out the newest addition to the guest star roster for Bar Karma.

Lost Alum Ken Leung joins Bar Karma for episode 7.

The guy can´t catch a break, from a time-traveling island to a time-traveling bar, actor Ken Leung, best known for his role as “Miles” on the hit series “Lost,” guest-stars on episode 7  of Current TV’s “Bar Karma,” the world’s first community-developed television series which will air on Friday, March 25 at 10pm ET/9 Central.     In this episode, “The Arrival,” a disoriented robber (Leung) finds himself in Bar Karma.  And while most of the universe is dreaming, the jukebox mysteriously allows another unwelcome stranger (Tom Noonan) into the bar, forcing resident bartender James (William Sanderson) to face his deepest fears.

What do you think about Ken Leung joining Bar Karma as a guest star? Will you watch Bar Karma episode Friday Macrh 25 10/9 C on Current TV? Let me know in the comments section.

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