bar-karma-current-be-a-programmer-contestI already told you about Bar Karma, the new show on Current TV, I did the preview and spoilers of Bar Karma, and also told you about the Bar Karma Music Studio, but now Current TV’s “Bar Karma,” the world’s first community-developed television series, is on the hunt for a viewer with great creative ideas who will be offered a six month stint at the cable network.

The “Be a TV Programmer Challenge” launched this week, in time to usher in the premiere of the network’s highly anticipated series, Bar Karma (which debuts Friday at 10 PM ET/9 C).  The 12 episode series, the first to offer viewers a chance to control content before a program hits the air, was created by gaming icon Will Wright and is the network’s latest effort to create a new benchmark for viewer engagement.

“The launch of this challenge couldn’t be better timed,” noted David Cohn, Current TV’s Executive in Charge, Bar Karma.  “Our goal is to find a very talented individual whose passion, enthusiasm and outside the box thinking can help elevate our own way of looking at our programming model.  ‘Bar Karma’ is the perfect example of the kind of series we have always wanted to do – a show that celebrates storytelling while retaining their kind of edgy sensibility that you rarely see on television.” He added:  “We hope that whoever is chosen for this role will be willing to go there with us in the coming months.”

The premise for the contest revolves around the use of the same Storymaker application utilized in the creation of Bar Karma – but instead of pitching Current TV execs about content for the series, viewers will be pitching themselves for the programming position.  Through April 29th, entrants will be able to log onto and describe their first day on the job at Current TV.   Entries must include between five and fifteen scenes, one of which much feature the potential winner at work and another which explains why that entry should be chosen winner of the challenge.

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