Sonja-Sohn-Bar-Karma-spoilersWe are doing a coverage on the new and inventive Current TV show Bar Karma.

We told you all about the Be a TV Programmer – Current TV Bar Karma contest and the Bar Karma music studio launched by Current TV.

We also reviewed the series premiere of Bar Karma and the spoilers for the second episode.

And now, there are news about the third episode of Bar Karma, in which The Wire´s Sonja Sohn is set to appear as guest star.

The third episode of Current TV’s “Bar Karma” airing on Friday, February 25 at 10pm ET/9 Central.

Sonja Sohn, who is best known as “Kima” on “The Wire,” and can also be seen in the upcoming ABC series “ Body of Proof,” plays “Lucy,” a famous actress who is summoned to Bar Karma in the middle of a surgical procedure.  Will she make it out of the operating room alive?

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