save-fringe-campaignFolks at EW had a great interview with Joshua Jackson about Fringe and the Save Fringe Campaign.

“I’m a positive person in general, but we really need our Fringe fans to tune in and watch us on Fridays,” Jackson told EW. “We did good when we first moved, but last week we did not have a good week, ratings wise. It is going to take the people that like the show to watch the show and start the campaign and show their support if they want to see us stick around for another season.”

“Apparently I’m gonna be a dad,” continued “And it is like the most extreme long-distance relationship, which I am pretty good at as it turns out in real life. My baby mama is in another universe. I think he has to find out, but I don’t know exactly how we’re gonna work that out yet. I have not see the finale script yet or anything. The whole other universe thing and the machine and the war of the two worlds is obviously the end of this season. But you would think they can’t just let the baby thing fall away.”
He added that Fringe has gone “very Romeo and Juliet-ish in” the last couple of weeks but says the show “will go back to some straight Fringeiness very soon.”
“We have been exploring our feelings a lot lately,” he said. “I feel sort of bad for fans of the relationship. The Peter-Olivia supporters have been taken for quite a ride. He wants to be with her, and in his mind it was her. But in her mind, he should have been able to tell the difference. But we get back to some cold hard out-there science stuff soon enough.”

So, are fans going to take on the Joshua Jackson mission assignment to Save Fringe from cancellation.

We are also promoting the Save Life UneXpected campaign and the Save Lie To Me Campaign. But it is time for the Save Fringe campaign!

What can we do to Save Fringe from cancellation?

1- Watch the show. The main reason to rescue a show is ratings.

2- Tweet with the hashtag #SaveFringe

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6- Start your own Save Fringe Campaign

7- Start your own Save Fringe Facebook Page

8- Blog about Fringe

9- Tell your friends to watch Fringe

Let me know your thoughts on why there should be another season of Fringe.

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