save-life-unexpectedI have great readers and subscribers here. And of you, in this case is standing out with this:

A method to save a show from cancellation. The Harold method to save a show from cancellation.

First of all. Who is Harold?

This is an excerpt from the e-mail when we met

I was part of the first generation of children born in the early 1950’s to be “raised” on television, the electronic babysitter of the future (whether that was a good thing or not will be judged by history, I guess).

So, when one of the few shows I like to watch today gets cancelled for lack of an audience, (and there are not too many shows left for people with fifty or more years of TV watching experience to watch, as we have “been there, done that, seen it already” type of thing), I must have a place to vent my frustration with the cancellation, and post my views (in an intelligent way, of course).  I was one of those forward thinking people who petitioned the NBC network back in 1968, to keep an esoteric show called “Star Trek” on the air for another season, and it worked (for one extra season, anyway).  We saved our beloved show, and it felt good!

Well, after that introduction, we started exchanging some e-mails, regarding the Life Unexpected possible cancellation, mainly.

And with the little glimmer of hope to get the show rescued, he came up with this method for saving the show.
And it can very well be adapted to other shows.
Why not save Lie To Me like this, why not saving Bleep My Dad Says?

So, wuthout further ado

The Harold method to save a show from cancellation

The plan to save Life Unexpected:

1- we need to filter all the “please save this show” comments to the CW Network, and the studio that produces it. (The best way to do this is that you can here or in the LUX post about cancellation leave a comment stating why you´d want a new season of Life Unexpected.

2- give everybody on your site the links to the CW Network and the studio who produces it. (You can start leaving them comments too)

3- Letter writing may be a bit out of date (in 1968 that’s all we had, so we wrote letters), but if you can, please provide an address for the CW Public Relations Dept. (Ok, so you can send your letters to PR Dept at The CW: 3300 W. Olive Ave.
Burbank, CA 91505)

4- Both you and I, as well as the fans on the website should understand:  The producers and writers effectively Ended the show in the last episode, by showing how things worked out two years into the future. So, we the people may have to actually give the producers and writers ideas on how to continue the show so that the stories remain interesting, Even though we all know the ending!  Fans will do this, if properly motivated…free ideas for the creative writing staff of the show!  And…we can suggest that the show does not have to be produced 22 times for the season…they can create six to ten special episodes, like “mini-movies”, and with proper publicity, it would attract the original audience back to the show, and even some new viewers.

What do you think about the Harold Method to Save a show from cancellation? Can we save Life Unexpected? Hit the comments!

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