swizz-beatz-sings-its-all-conected-electric-company-pbs-kids-goWe already showed you Kyle Massey´s blooper reel on The Electric Company, Mike Tompkins mashup video and Good Charlotte performing Who, What, Where, When, Why and How on The Electric Company, plus Rita Moreno answering fans.

Now folks at PBS Kids Go! The Electric Company have something else in store: Grammy Award-winner Swizz Beatz and his sons, Nasir and Kasseem, rap about literacy in an all-new episode of the PBS KIDS GO! series, ‘The Electric Company’ premiering on February 21

Swizz Beatz on why he chose to create a music video for the children’s series:

“It was a honor to be able to have some educational fun with my sons. I feel the more parents step up and be a support system for their kids the better the world can be. I support ‘The Electric Company’ for creating a outlet that can help the young generation.”

Want to watch a sneak peek at “The Electric Company” video featuring Swizz Beatz singing “It’s All Connected”? Sure you do! Click here.

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