UPDATE: Somewhat good news. CW has went a little back in the decision of cancelling Life Unexpected and moved it into more of a bubble show. (There are still big signs that it will get cancelled: Kris Polaha has a contract with another channel, Lux herself Brittany Robertson has been cast for Secret Circle), but they are seeing a lot of movement from the fans and will make a decision later.

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UPDATE: Life Unexpected Star Kristopher Polaha signed a deal for a new show with CBS, and LUX creator Liz Tigelaar signed a multi year deal with ABC. This certainly puts the final nails in the coffin for the show, and it´s only missing official confirmation, that Life Unexpected is cancelled after two seasons.

UPDATE: The CW has not order back episodes for the second season, making it a 13 episode second (and probably final) season. Since Rating are making it CW´s least watched original show. If you want to save Life Unexpected, start watching and create some buzz. Is Life Unexpected getting cancelled on season 2?

life unexpected cancelled renewed by the cwUPDATE: It´s Official! Life Unexpected is renewed by The CW!

Update: Still unofficial, but according to Michael Ausiello, CW is strongly considering a second season renewal for Life Unexpected. A 12 episode second season of Life Unexpected to be precise.

We are reviewing all the cancelled shows and renewed shows of the season.

The CW was giving the good news earlier this week. But Life Unexpected wasn´t announced as one of the renewed shows by CW.

So, what´s going to happen?

Life Unexpected is renewed for a second season by The CW although this is not yet official.

Why? Let´s see what Dawn Ostroff, President of The CW told Kristen Dos Santos, where she said how happy the network is with the show, leading to a certain renewal of Life Unexpected by The CW.

This is a fragment of Sawn Ostroff and Kristen dos Santos dialog: “Creatively, Life Unexpected is in a great place, and it’s doing well. It had a really good night last night, and we’ve been airing it twice a week, and we get as many viewers sometimes on the second run as we do on the first run—it’s not duplicated viewers, it’s new viewers. LUX is actually doing quite well for us. We’re very proud of the show.” So come on, Ostroff, tell us true: What are Life Unexpected’s chances at renewal? “I would say it’s got a real shot at this point.” Whoo-hoo!

Are you happy The CW renews Life Unexpected?

I´ll also update this post when it´s officially confirmed.