nate-berkus-dr-oz-spoilerWe are talking a lot about Nate Berkus Show lately, with his trapezing ahead on Monday and the whole next weeks spoilers and the Nate Berkus Show Sweepstakes.

But now, another good piece: On the Tuesday, February 22 edition of the nationally syndicated The Nate Berkus Show (check your local listings or visit, Dr. Oz pays a house visit to share some tips on how to keep your home healthy!  The two talk show hosts also talk about the November incident when Nate reached out to his friend for medical advice; which was get to the hospital, you need to get your appendix removed!

Nate welcomes Dr. Oz onto his show! For the first time, Dr. Oz stops by to reveal his must have items for every room in your home to keep you healthy.  And, don’t miss what Nate’s big payoff to Dr. Oz is going to be! Then, rules for bargain shopping so you can get the best celebrity looks – for a fraction of the cost.  See if you can tell the difference between fashion looks that were bargains and others that could break the bank! Plus, the surprising solution to keeping your prized furniture in tip-top shape.

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