It´s time to talk a little about The Wendy Williams Show. On today’s edition of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ (nationally syndicated, check your local listings) talk show host Wendy Williams revealed that her show will have the exclusive first in-person, sit-down interview with Aretha Franklin. “The legendary Aretha Franklin has invited me to do an exclusive, in person intimate conversation with her in Detroit, that’s where she lives…The way I figure, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I’m going to go to Detroit where Aretha lives and where she reigns supreme and this is like the big sit down interview. So I’m packing my bags and we’ll bring the camera crew and everything, and so far Aretha has two activities she wants us to do. First thing is she wants us to go to the gym and the second thing is she wants us to have high tea together. That’s fancy.  When you have high tea, you wear one of those big hats like you’re at the Kentucky derby and you drink with your pinky out and you eat square sandwiches with fancy stuff in between like grass.  Even though Ms. Franklin this is a dream come true, I’m just so surprised that we’re not eating the real food that I love to eat in Detroit…but that’s ok, we’re both on the slim down; we just need to relax.  I’m going to share that interview with you guys next week.”

“The pain was so hard it nearly brought me to my knees. The concerts are over, I need to go and find out what is wrong” legendary singer Aretha Franklin tells Wendy Williams in an exclusive TV interview scheduled to air on Wednesday, March 2nd on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’. Franklin addresses her recent health issues with the daytime talk show host  during her first TV interview since taking a  hiatus from performing. A sneak peek at a moment from the interview which was filmed at The Townsend Hotel right outside of Detroit, Michigan on  Friday February 25.
During the interview,  The Queen of Soul also chats with Wendy about her career, her dramatic weight loss, the recent Grammy tribute, her career, love life and much more.

Aretha Franklin Quotes on Wendy Williams Show Interview

WW: I want to talk about your health.  Recently there was a health scare from what I heard it started with a pain in your side?
AF: Yes that was my first inkling that something was wrong, that something wasn’t what it should be.   The pain was so hard it nearly brought me to my knees. So I said, ‘The concerts are over.  I have to go and find out what is wrong.’
WW:  So you canceled your tour?
AF: Yes.
WW: In December we all found out that you were having abdominal surgery…
AF: Hmm…Is that what you heard?

Let´s also remember Aretha Franklin had a phone interview on Wendy Williams just a little back ago.

Video of Aretha Franklin One on One announcement by Wendy Williams

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