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Guillermo Paz onto Fringe
Dave McCoy I watch zero network TV. Even similar shows like Lost or X-Files I heard about from friends but was never interested in watching. Too busy. But this show is amazing. I never miss it. January this year my brother showed me a couple of episodes from the season 2 DVD. I went out and bought season 1. Watched it all. Then watched his season 2 DVD's in entirety. Then went to Amazon and bought all the season 3 episodes to catch up with current broadcasts. Now I'm glued to my TV and tuned to Fox every Friday and talk to my friends about how cool the latest episode was. I know it just comes down to numbers and if the ratings aren't there then the show will disappear. All I can say is that Fringe can foster loyalty in people who really aren't reachable with the usual fare. If it goes, I won't consider the Fox execs morons or evil or anything, but it will probably be a long time before my dial will be tuned to the networks again. Hope Fringe can survive and as long as it does I'll certainly support its advertisers for backing something that I like for a change.
Gina Fringe is amazing! Renew it for the fans - and Walter!!!!