1600-Penn-cancelled-renewedYou have Bill Pullman, you have Jenna Elfman, you have Josh Gad and you still cannot make a funny show? Well, that´s why NBC cancels 1600 Penn. On a day filled with goodbyes, as NBC cancelled Whitney and cancelled Up All Night and Guys With Kids, following the cancellation of Deception, to make room for some of the new shows ordered like About a Boy, Sean Saves The World, Believe, Crisis and The Family Guide.

That´s why NBC needed the slots and took out underperforming or underwhelming shows, cancelling 1600 Penn in the process.

What bothered me the most was that the premise was good, following The Gilchrists an American family that deals with ordinary problems under extraordinary circumstances. Sure, we all make mistakes, but theirs just happen to make the evening news. They’re loving, fun and a little crazy. In other words, just like everybody else. With one exception: they live in a very special house — the White House.

President Dale Gilchrist (Bill Pullman, “Independence Day,” “While You Were Sleeping”) is trying to perform the important duties of his job while also doing right by his family — not an easy task when his place of work just happens to be the Oval Office. First Son Skip (Josh Gad, star of Broadway sensation “The Book of Mormon,” “21”) is one of the administration’s biggest liabilities and his clumsy attempts to earn his father’s respect often go awry. Yet, despite his many well-intentioned yet misguided efforts, he is the glue that holds this family together.

Stepmom Emily (Jenna Elfman, “Dharma and Greg,” “Accidentally on Purpose”) is desperately trying to win over the affections of the kids — including overachieving daughter Becca (Martha MacIsaac, “Superbad”), who is facing her first lapse of judgment, and Xander (Benjamin Stockham, “Sons of Tucson”) and Marigold (Amara Miller, “The Descendants”) — but the brood somehow manages to stay one step ahead of Emily.

Always in the president’s corner is Marshall Malloy (Andre Holland, “Friends with Benefits”), the savvy and loyal White House Press Secretary, whose biggest challenge is cleaning up after the Gilchrists.

Whether it’s entertaining foreign dignitaries or sneaking away for a night out, dealing with middle-school crushes or putting out fires, figuratively and sometimes literally, there’s never a dull moment inside the Gilchrist White House.

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