Growing-Up-Fisher-cancelled-renewed-nbcNot the least unexpected of all the axes coming down, right? NBC cancels Growing Up Fisher, and the show was such a long shot to get a comeback that everybody in it was already looking for the next gig.
I´m sure they won´t have any issues getting one, as the ensemble cast was filled with bona fide fine actors and actresses, with J.K. Simmons, Jenna Elfman and Jason Bateman headlining the cast.

What was Growing Up Fisher about?

It’s not every family that’s brought closer together by divorce, but then again, the Fishers are anything but typical. Take Mel Fisher (J.K. Simmons, “The Closer,” “Law & Order”), for example. He’s chopping down trees, showing his daughter how to drive, and playing football with his son … except that Mel’s blind. Then there’s Joyce (Jenna Elfman, “Dharma & Greg,” “1600 Penn”), who is your typical teenager — really into fashion, busy with school — but the problem is she’s Mom. That makes it difficult for her actual teenage daughter, Katie (Ava Deluca-Verley, “Southland”), whose advice (and clothes) Joyce is always seeking. At the center of all this is Henry (Eli Baker), the Fisher’s 11-year-old son. Having always been his dad’s eyes and wingman, Henry is less than thrilled when his job is outsourced to Mel’s new guide dog, Elvis. While he is at first reluctant to accept the changes that Elvis brings, adult Henry realizes upon reflection (voiceover by Jason Bateman, “Arrested Development,” “Identity Thief”) that his parent’s split finally allows the Fishers to become one happy (divorced) family.

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