Nearlyweds-hallmarkAside from all the Holidays themed movies to premiere this month, cablers are already preparing what will happen in 2013, and this one is from Hallmark, premiering January 12th: Nearlyweds.

What happens when three best friends and newly married brides discover that a paperwork error has annulled their marriages? This is the question posed by “Nearlyweds,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere that kicks off the new year on Saturday, January 12 (9 p.m. ET/PT, 8C). Based on award-winning author Beth Kendrick’s novel of the same name, the romantic comedy stars the great Naomi Judd – American icon, country music superstar and New York Times bestselling author – as a monster-in-law who specializes in torturing her son’s David’s (Ryan Kennedy) sort-of bride. The tale revolves around three best friends: Casey (Jessica Parker Kennedy) questions her husband Nick’s (Travis Milne) commitment to the marriage and Stella (Britt Irvin) works to balance her career life with the demands from her husband Mark (Steve Bacic) that she stick closer to home. Then there is Erin (Danielle Panabaker). She finds herself locking horns with mother-in-law Renee (Judd) at every turn. All three couples must decide whether to make the long walk down the aisle or to walk out the door and start over. The future is calling. And in this film, the answers are not going to be easy ones.

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