real-time-bill-maher-hbo-premiere-january-18The people have spoken and now it’s Bill Maher’s turn. That´s how HBO is promoting the new season of the Late Night talker. But in reality, it´s one of the funniest guys on TV coming back for another run, so don’t miss the return of Real Time with Bill Maher Friday, January 18 at 10pm LIVE on HBO.

The show started in 2003 and has already surpassed 250 episodes of air, so the next milestone is targeting 300.

The format of the show usually features an opening current events or political skit, followed by the credits and a comedy monologue. Maher then interviews an important figure via satellite or in-studio before sitting down with three panel guests for an extensive debate.

You know television is in full speed mode whenever you have all the late night talk shows and politics shows going on, and even though 2013 is not an election year as 2012, there are always tons of things for these kind of shows to analyze. After all it´s a different kind of news shows. A news show in which you can laugh.

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