guys-grocery-games-food-networkOn Sunday, October 20th at 8pm ET/PT Food Network will be premiering a new supermarket-themed cooking competition called Guy’s Grocery Games. The show is hosted by the best-selling cookbook author Guy Fieri who is long known from the network’s other shows like The Next Food Network Star, Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off and many others.

This new reality series is set in a grocery store where talented chefs will be going against each other through three different cooking challenges. The winner will be walking home with up to $20 000, but in order to do that he or she needs to be at his/her best in everything – culinary skills, improvisation as well as gamesmanship.

The challenges each of the shows will bring to the viewer are quite different, from creating a five-ingredient dish to preparing a food based on only canned foods.

The show finale will bring you the last standing chef who needs to go on a shopping spree for which the chef has only two minutes to collect all the items in the shopping list. The final prize amount depends on how many of those items he/she is actually able to gather, as each of the items is worth $2000.

“Cooking competitions in a professional kitchen are tough as it is. But throw in the challenges we all have every day in our local grocery store, plus a few twists and turns I may have up my sleeve, I’m telling you, it’s going to take cooking competitions to a whole new level,” said Guy Fieri, the show host of Guy’s Grocery Games.

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