Tonight on Current TV’s “The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur” host Cenk Uygur didn’t mince words in calling the Defense Authorization Act “horrible” and “hideous.” The host also had some stern words for the New York Times about the paper’s coverage of allegations of voter fraud and for Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett.
Cenk: ‘We were supposed to get change,’ not Defense Authorization Act stripping civil liberties
Cenk returns to the Defense Authorization Act, which the White House now says senior advisers will not recommend that President Obama should veto. “In all of the troubles I’ve got with President Obama, he couldn’t be that bad, right?” Cenk says he thought, even as others argued that NDAA seemed constructed to give the executive branch more power, not less. “You’re not going to get any of this in the mainstream media. You’ll get robots that say, ‘Defense Authorization Act passed, it was bipartisan so it must be good.’ Well, it’s not. It’s horrible. It’s hideous. Look, I’m opposed to Newt Gingrich because I think he’s a danger to the Republic. But look at this! This is a danger to the Republic. What’s the point electing Obama if he’s going to do Bush or even worse than Bush? We were supposed to get change!”

Cenk: ‘NYT’ article should have read, ‘Republicans say voter fraud is a huge issue, but it turns out they’re lying’
Cenk tears into “The New York Times” coverage of Eric Holder’s speech about voter fraud, which sets up Democrat and Republican sound bites as if they are equally true. “Classic mainstream media,” Cenk says. “Republicans say this, Democrats say that. Well, that’s really interesting. So which one is it? Well, they don’t tell you that. They don’t give you the numbers. Is fraud running rampant?” In fact, 25 percent of African Americans and 16 percent of Latinos do not have photo identification, because “[Republicans] want to disenfranchise voters who might go to Democrats,” Cenk says. And as for voter fraud, in New York, voter fraud happened .000009 percent of the time.

Cenk: ‘I believe Tom Corbett is a crook’ and natural gas tax breaks ‘are legalized bribery’
Cenk and Ana Kasparian talk about Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, who has given hefty tax breaks to natural gas companies in his state but now says he’ll lay off hundreds of state police troopers. “I believe Tom Corbett is a crook,” Cenk says, “and I believe this is legalized bribery.”

Post-show recap: ‘Those plastic robots’ at other networks are doing ‘a great disservice to the country’
In this exclusive post-show video, Cenk says, “I’m glad that we do a show where we talk about important issues like the Defense Authorization Act. Those plastic robots at the other places, they’re just going to report, ‘Oh, this is the vote. Democrats say this, Republicans say that.’ They’re doing a great disservice to the country. I’m glad we do a show where we talk about the issues. Yes, I get mad about it, but you should all get mad about it. Taking away our Constitutional rights — it’s sick.”

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