Psych-midseason-winter-finale-neil-simon-love-retreat-spoilers-quotesWinter Finale of Psych airs tonight, and I had the glorious chance to watch it upfront prior to its airdate of December 14th 10/9C.
The episode has special guests Jason Priestley, Jennifer Finnigan, Tony Hale and Arden Myrin.
Enjoy this episode as much as you can, because Psych will return for the second half of season six in early 2012 (February). Also, remember you can enter my Psych Contest and Giveaway until Christmas or read the Interview with Jason Priestley that I did.

What is Neil Simon´s Love Retreat About? Plot Synopsis

Shawn and Juliet’s romantic getaway vacation at a swanky Resort goes from romance to murder when their suite is robbed and a dead body surfaces at a local winery.   Meanwhile, back in Santa Barbara, Gus , Lassie and Henry enjoy a gentleman’s night out and compete over which of them can score a woman’s phone number first,  a wager the winner’s quickly sorry he made when the woman turns out to be the beautiful stalker-type.  Guest stars Jason Priestley and Jennifer Finnigan play a pair of sexy grifters and Tony Hale plays one of their victims as they all converge at the Resort.

Video Spoilers Scenes from Psych S06E09 Winter Finale Neil Simon´s Love Retreat

Who got more game? Henry, Gus or Lassie?

Shawn and Juliet leave Gus alone

Best Quotes and Spoilers from Psych S06E09 Winter Finale Neil Simon´s Love Retreat

Barbie: Trust me, I´m doing this glasses a favor

Gus: Taking the lady to a spa weekend. Whaaa

Gus: You are growing up in front of my eyes

Shawn: Make sure you water my plants. Thrice daily, but do not talk to them, because once they get started, they won´t stop, specially Jim
Gus: Jim is the Ficus?
Shawn: Yes indeed
Gus: Got it

Shawn: Read my thoughts
Gus: I don´t know how to do that
Shawn: Yes you do
Gus: Fine, waffles

Jules: Why are you gazing into each others eyes?

Jules: Do you think you can survive for two days without each other?
Shawn: Of course

Shawn: You said Shawn I have very definite expectations about this trip
Jules: Right, to which you responded “Slumber party, nudi times, drinky, drinky”

Lassiter: Oh good Lord, you are not buying scented candles
Gus: How else would I freshen up my place?
Lassiter: Well do as I do, you put your laundry basket outside

Gus: Shawn and I do prank calls all the time
Lassiter: Is it you who keeps calling me?
Gus: No

Lassiter: Do you and your shirts have a big weekend planned ahead?
Henry: If by big weekend you mean watch the all day Mannix Marathon, then yes
Lassiter: Yeah, we don´t have plans either

Shawn: I think it would also be romantic if we took a nap in those pool floating things that look like Shamu

Shawn: Look Gus, this is my fifthe message, I´m all out of aliases, it´s Shawn, I need to talk to you, call me back inmediamente.

Shawn: I don´t need new friends. I have Gus, and you have… whoever your friends are.

Jules: Quiet… you are embarrasing me

Jules: What´s your damage Spencer?
Shawn: What´s my damage? I´m gone five minutes and all of a sudden we are swingers? What is this? The Ice Storm?

Jules: It´s called being an adult Shawn, you should try it sometime.
Shawn: I´m wearing a man´s robe

Lassiter: I got more game than you player! I mean, don´t get me wrong Gus, there is a certain charm about you, but I am a classic, I never go out of style. I´m like plaided pants

Henry: I´m as young in the inside as these kids in the outside
Gus: Yeah, but when you were this young in the outside, this was all farmland

Clive: What? Two men can´t share dessert?
Shawn: And then go dancing, like gentlemen?

Clive: She gets migraines, horrible, horrible migraines. The room starts spinning, up is dpwn, down is up, Left is always left though
Barbie: Yeah, left is left.

Lassiter: My girlfriend´s in prison

The scene of Lassie and Gus hitting on girls at the disco is plain awesome

Gus: I´m still shopping, I´m not gonna just give it away.

Shawn: Stop saying The Resort is sorry for our loss. The Resort is a building, and unless it is Monsterhouse or the Overlook hotel.

Henry: Neither of you thought of bringing some vegetables?
Lassiter: We are men, not a sorority house

Henry: Henry Spencer, Master Caster

Shawn: I admit I was seduced by delicious flavour. I am just a man Jules!

Jules: Let the local authorities do their job
Shawn: Which is what? They use bermuda shorts

Jules: You are acting like a child
Shawn: I am not acting!

Lassiter: I have never seen a woman eat ribs like that… except in cave man drawings

Shawn: It explains your face
Jerry: Is it that obvious?
Shawn: It looks like spam

Shawn: Houston, we have a problem.
Jules: Vacation´s over.

Jules: What are you guys doing here?
Lassiter: Well, I thought you may need some help from a cop not dressed as a boy scout
Gus: I´m here to get my credit card back
Henry: I´m having some lady troubles… it´s a long story.

Barbie: We are dirty thieves, but we are basically nice people and are totally against animal cruelty
Clive: And illegal downloading. Piracy makes me sick.

Barbie: We worked in The Wild Stallion
Shawn: The Wild Stallion with Connie Sellecca?

Shawn: You guys are horrible people, but you are so cool.

Henry: Worst gentlemen´s weekend ever.

Shawn: People are not always what they seem to be. Except on reality TV. We are all the Real Housewives of somewhere.

Lassiter: Turn and face your vehicle, get down on your knees, cross your ankles and put your hands behind your head.
Jerry: What do you think, I´m a gymnast? That´s crazy, what are you talking about? I´m not that flexible.

Shawn: No, Felipe, we want to Take the Long Way Home.

Jules: I´m not ready to get married, are you?

Shawn: I hope you look that good when I´m 140
Jules: You know I will

Gus: We take our handhled entertainment very serious

So, is Shawn proposing to Jules? Will Shawn ask Jules to marry him when Psych comes back?

Nicknames from Psych S06E09 Winter Finale Neil Simon´s Love Retreat

It´s not a nickname per se, but Shawn poses as “Mister Guster” to use his credit card.

Where´s the pineapple in Neil Simon´s Love Retreat?

I saw one in the back in the supermarket scene

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