On the December 13th edition of Current TV’s “The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur,” former lobbyist and convicted felon Jack Abramoff spoke with Cenk about lobbying and why as a corporation, “buying a congressman” is the “best bang for your buck.” He also discussed exactly where he towed the legal line-and crossed it-which earned him three years in prison.  He added that the biggest evidence of corruption on Capitol Hill is “that I succeeded.”

Cenk: ‘I hope to God President Obama vetoes’ Defense Authorization Act
Cenk starts off the show hammering the Defense Authorization Act, which if signed by President Obama will allow the military broad powers to act within the U.S. against American citizens. “Where’s everybody outraged about this that they’re gutting the Constitution before our eyes?” Cenk asks. “Where is that legendary Tea Party that claims that they care so much about the Constitution? Where are you?”

Jack Abramoff on Gingrich’s ‘history’ gig and how the allure of lobbying jobs corrupts Congressional staffers
Cenk talks to former lobbyist Jack Abramoff about his new book, “Capitol Punishment,” Newt Gingrich’s $1.6 million gig as a historical adviser, and how the allure of lobbying job taints work being done on the Hill. “As soon as you speak to a chief of staff or a staff member up there and say, look, I’d like you to join me when you’re done with your government service, come on over after a couple of years — from that minute on, that person is thinking about where she’s gonna go or he’s gonna go in two years,” Abramoff says. “They’re not thinking about where they work now. And everything they do is going to be for the benefit of that lobbyist.”

Is Mitt Romney the new Hillary Clinton?
Cenk asks today’s Power Panel — Epic Politics Man Michael Shure and Jacob Soboroff —  if Mitt Romney is the new Hillary Clinton. Michael and Jacob both says no, though Cenk argues Romney’s been far too cautious for too long. “The fact that he is even still where he is in Iowa is almost miraculous,” Michael says.

Abramoff interview gives great insight into institutional corruption
In this exclusive post-show video, Cenk talks about a last-minute switch to move Jack Abramoff’s interview later in the show due to a technical glitch. “It led to it being a bit rough around the edges, but look — the show’s passionate,” Cenk says. “[Abramoff] gives you a great insight into the institutional corruption we have in Congress right now — unfortunately.”

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