napoleon-dynamite-spoilers-quotes-thundercone-premiereAmerica´s most awesome awkward teenager is back, with the full original cast from the movie, in an animated new series on Fox, Sunday January 15 on Fox 8:30 / 7:30 C.

Based on the hit film and voiced by the film’s original actors, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE is an animated comedy series that follows the misadventures of an awkward high school teenager and his quirky friends as they struggle to navigate life in rural Idaho. The show picks up after the movie and brings back everybody.

What is Napoleon Dynamite Premiere Thundercone about? Plot Synopsis

After learning that his new acne cream makes him resistant to pain, Napoleon (Jon Heder) picks a fight with a bully at school. When the coach sees Napoleon’s strength in action he invites him to join a local underground fight club. Kip (Aaron Ruell) begins dating Misty (Amy Poehler), a new girl he met online, but is he the bad boy she’s been looking for on the “Thundercone” episode of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE airing Sunday, Jan. 15 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Best Quotes from Napoleon Dynamite Thundercone Premiere Episode

Napoleon: Stop asking her to buy you stuff. You are like seventy freaking years old.

Uncle Rico: … was a Quarterback, but he was also a detective… man, I´m so confused.

Kip: Think fast
Napoleon: Oh man, my eyes… the grease, it kills.

Grandma: Napoleon, your face is making me sick.

Kip: Try stabbing it with a blade
Grandma: Good idea Kipper
Napoleon: You guys are idiots.

Pharmacist: Between you and me, I didn´t even go to college
Uncle Rico: Right on!

Pedro: Sounds like unbridled rage
Napoleon: Sweet, my rage has never been unbridled.

Misty: Uhhh, Kip is ripped.

Pedro: The zits are making him loco.

Coach: Napoleon, my office!
Napoleon: No! Why don´t you go to my office!
Coach: You don´t have an office
Napoleon: Fine, we´ll use yours.

Misty: Has anybody ever told you, you are a sweet guy?
Kip: My virtual pet tells me that all the time.

Rex: If it isn´t Tinkerbell and her girflriend, Taco Bell.

Napoleon: What is that?
Rex: I´ll answer that question in seven years, when you are ready
Napoleon: Oh, come on!
Rex: Well, ok. It´s the Thundercone.

Napoleon: I don´t want your sick woman, but I could take her if I wanted.
Misty: He´s right Kip.

Napoleon: She has a name, Kip, I just don´t know what that is.

Misty: Now I love you Kip. Oh, why am I so crazy?

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