ruby-cancelled-renewed-style-networkIn the middle of December already, but info still coming to fill the renewed shows on 2011 and all the cancelled shows on 2011 lists.

Style Network is cancelling Ruby, although no official announcement on the matter just yet.

Where Style Network issued the following statement that leads to believe about Ruby cancellation: “We thank Ruby for sharing her inspirational journey with the Style viewers, and we look forward to her serving as a ‘Fight with Style’ Ambassador in the fight against obesity.”

Ruby Gettinger fight to lose weight has lasted four seasons already and the network is calling it quits on screen, after season four was under half a million viewers for the premiere.

What was Ruby about? Plot Synopsis

In the tradition of “Little People, Big World” comes this unscripted series, which gives viewers a look at life from the perspective of a woman living in Savannah, GA., who happens to weigh 500 pounds.

And now, after four seasons, Style Network cancels Ruby. So long Ruby Gettinger!

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